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Nintendo Land

Nintendo Land is really a collection of mini games packaged into a game instead of a constant following game like most other games. The carnival/party game collection style concept is not new and has existed for a long time now having been featured by many platforms before the Wii U. In Nintendo Lands case the purpose of this collection was to show off the Wii U’s capabilities and also give a wide variety of things to play with on the Wii U at launch.

Nintendo Land comes packed with 12 mini games set in a carnival location that your Mii and other Mii’s can visit. As such since it is a carnival your Mii is the one that you play as through the games. The Mii’s also take on attire related to the mini game at hand. 9 of the 12 Mini games are obviously based on other Nintendo’s well known IP’s such as Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, Mario, Animal Crossing and so on with the 3 others coming from other Nintendo’s IP’s that are not readily recognized.

The Mini games are split between solo games and multiplayer equally yet even the single player games seem to have the objective of getting a high score and allowing you to still compete in turns with your friends to see who has the high score after each player hits a game over. The game styles vary from puzzles to shooters, racers to even a dance simulator. Half of the multiplayer games can be played solo, but it benefits the player to play co-opt to be able to get further in those games.

Graphically speaking this game is a bit of a mix taking some aesthetic styles from each of the games that are represented. Though they are put forth in the Nintendo graphical design style that has appeared and become prominent since the Wii iterations of Nintendo IP’s. As far as sound goes the ‘game’ does fine with no major flaws in that regard. And honestly the graphical style may not be to everyone’s liking but it is executed well.

Gameplay wise it differs per each mini game and the controls differ per each game accordingly. One nice thing is that the games are playable with the game pad and Wii remotes, so if you don’t like the Wii U game pad you can use a Wii remote. Tho personally the Game pad works well for at the very least single player.

Originally this game was not a packed in game when it was released in November 18th 2012 along side the Wii U. It currently still costs $40.00 in the US on it’s own but also comes in a bundle of the Wii U (the recommended way of getting this game is via the Bundle that comes with it since it also comes with Super Mario 3D World) But the Bundle may be available for a limited time only…

Monita runs you through tutorials...

Monita runs you through tutorials…

This game does have some failings, for one there is no story since its a carnival filled with mini games that you can play it is understandable but it loses points for it also it has little depth and can become tiring while playing it solo. But for me that isn’t the worst of it, which would be the annoying mascot character that also explains a lot of the game through tutorials. In the beginning there is a tutorial after you play a game, If you are just testing the waters and play a few games only for a few minutes each the subsequent tutorials become very annoying as they add up rather quick to consist of more than what you played. Each tutorial is rather lengthy for something as simple as stating “Play with coin, get prize if you complete the puzzle”.

Playing the main attractions gets you coins. The further you get in them the more you get more you can use to attain prizes (statues)

Playing the main attractions gets you coins. The further you get in them the more coins you get and can use to attain prizes (statues)

Even with its failings it is still a successful game for parties, challenging your friends or playing along side them. It’s a solid game overall for what it is. As such it is a solid 77/100, or 7.7 Carnival Games out of 10.


I have as of this post played this game for: 1+ hours.


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