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Child of Light RSR & GOTY

Hey everyone, B.T. here with another RSR post. This time we’re talking about Child of Light which just so happens to be my Game of the Year. There are some caveat’s to this choice however. For one I didn’t play many games that were released in 2014, most of which I did play I found to be mediocre or just lacking beyond the reasonable. There were several games that were released in 2014 that I wanted to play but didn’t have an opportunity to do so, so I couldn’t chose from them. (Such as the South Park Stick of Truth and Alien Isolation). 2014 was a lacking year over all in gaming with not many stand out games, least not compared to past years.

Regardless let’s talk about the game.

Child of Light is a game that was released in April-September 2014 by Ubisoft differing depending on the system (console or PC) or area you live. I got the PlayStation 3 version shortly after it’s release. To be honest I was super excited for this game when I heard about it in 2013, a game that would mix both visual art and story.

In other words Child of Light is a role playing game that uses artistic visuals beyond the norm for most while keeping to some traditional/stereotypical RPG elements. The art style is inspired by Water Color which can create beautiful art regardless of the level of practitioners and style. So I really I couldn’t wait to play the game.

Sadly for some this game has a few issues; for one it is a download only game. And while normally I don’t like those as I still like owning a solid copy of games when all possible, I was just too looking forward to this game to not give it a shot. Another issue others may have is the game is both simplistic and short. But with those issues thankfully the publishers realized and didn’t charge a full release price. The money that is charged for this game is in my mind well worth the cost.


Much like the Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch RSR, I don’t want to spoil the actual story as it’s best to be experienced for your self, and considering this game is a more recent one I’m not willing to ruing that experience for those who may consider getting this game. The story is however a coming of age tale and showing that light can come from tragedy, after all the brightest light often comes to the darkest of places (or is more apparent in).

The story is simplistic in that it is a typical fairy tale affair. Something one could see Disney telling and as such this game is welcoming for kids but the art and engagement throughout the game is enjoyable enough to adults as well.

In the game you play as Aurora who has been trapped away from her Father due to circumstances of which you must face and try to return to your Father and ultimately consciousness in the real world of which you come from. The characters within in the story hit the archetypical groups that are seen in many tales.

Yet the character that I connected to with the best just happened to be the Main character; Aurora. As the main protagonist Aurora has to both grow and be strong in the face of adversity and drives not only to return to her home but also to help others along her way. Because of the positive light that is Aurora generally I and hopefully others equally wanted to see her succeed, you connect with her character which despite her age is a very human character that has depth should you chose to acknowledge it.

I pretty much talked about the graphics already it’s all Water Colored based and every area of the map is gorgeous because of it. You can stare at the screen at any point and see art, and it gives off such atmosphere. As one plays through the game at any point on the screen there is such detail that it has such depth it makes the world you spend your time in feel more real and important, certainly something you can connect with in any manner of way.

The audio of the game is equally fitting and also feed’s into the overall atmosphere and adds to the experience that is Child of Light. The Soundtrack is full of emotion that tugs at you throughout the game.


You travel left to right and right to left through puzzles and through doors/avenues to new screens. Though in Child of Light you have free reign as to where you go though plot advancements to blockade the way until you meet requirements. You can miss things so explore the world fully before moving on.

To aid in exploration Aurora can fly. As you explore the world you find items, gems of which you can combine to make new gems or equip to increase characters stats, and of course come across new characters that much like other RPG’s will aid you in your quest. And new characters have different styles, advantages and disadvantages.

The combat is a simple time based turn battling like of other RPG’s. Actions however can stall or negate your turns or enemy turns so some strategy must be used. There is a variety of enemies that do require some thought to beat as well adding to the game but by far and large the combat is pretty straight forward.


As an advantage however you have a Firefly Companion. With your Firefly companion you can slow enemies down or heal your allies (or self) in combat Which you can control or a friend can control, outside of combat he is used to get chest’s that are out of reach and heal Aurora and can also blind enemies allowing you to avoid them or surprise them from behind.

The game takes a lot of influence from J-RPG’s of the past and it shows.


Overall/WHY GOTY

Ultimately this game was my GOTY because of the engagement, the feel, emotions, and most importantly enjoyment I got out of it. While it is short it is also a full package deal and as an overall package it works beautifully well. From the story to the simple yet engaging gameplay to the gorgeous art style that it’s visuals are steeped in, to the connective music soundtrack that is Child of Light.


It did everything better than the other 2014 games I got to play. This game for me in a scoring sense if I must is a 95/100
or a 9.5 Igniculous out of 10 Igniculous; and a must play.



I certainly look forward to games similar to this one in the future.


What was your Game of the Year for 2014? What are you looking forward to in 2015? Let us know in the comment section below and thanks for visiting this site!


I have as of this post played this game for: 8.5+ hours.


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