Noel & Merriment 2014: Tirc

Noel & Merriment




Q1: What is your favorite or some favorite music songs in video games?


A1: Anything from Final Fantasy really. It doesn’t matter which game, but 7 is probably my favorite due to that highest play time with that game. Of course themes from Mario and Zelda. I’ve never played a game where I didn’t like at least one track from the game. World of Warcraft has fantastic music as well. The Grizzly Hills music is one of my favorites.

Grizzly Hills, World of Warcraft

Grizzly Hills, World of Warcraft


Q2: How do you feel about mobile phone games?

A2: I love them. I think there are a lot of games that are either free or a couple of dollars that can provide several hours of game play. My favorite mobile games are anything made by Kairosoft.




Q3: Considering it’s Holiday Season and many people have family Traditions, do you have any Video Game Traditions that you visit yearly?


A3: I don’t really have game traditions. It’s hard for me to play something if I’m not in the mood for it. Even if I love the game. I can’t force myself to play a game for tradition, it would be an unpleasant gaming experience.


Q4: Who are the biggest influences for you to play video games (why did you get into playing them)?


A4: My parents got me an NES for Christmas when I was 5 or 6 but I wouldn’t call them an influence just facilitators. My cousin and my brother were the two people I played with the most and they kept that drive going for me.




Q5: What is your guilty pleasure game(s)?
A5: Assuming this means a game that the majority of people don’t like but I love, I really can’t think of one.

Q6: What is ONS Gaming to you?
A6: ONS Gaming is a site and community put together by my brother, my friend, and I where I can come share my gaming experiences and opinions. What I want it to be is a place where many more people come to share their experiences and opinions with us and other community members. I want us to be the core of an awesome gaming community where you can find other like gamers to share stories and experiences together that make ONS Gaming a place where you come to socialize and forge relationships.



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