Noel & Merriment 2014: B.T.

Noel & Merriment




Q1: What is your favorite or some favorite music songs in video games?


A1:  There are too many great songs that I really like to pick just one song. But to name a few  I really enjoy the majority of the FF7 soundtrack, I like the Landing, Liberi Fatali, Balamb Garden, Blue Fields,  the Man with the Machine Gun & Maybe I am a Lion from FF8, Mega Man 3’s theme despite my dislike (read: I suck at the Mega Man games). I like a lot of Zelda music but I really like all of the temples songs in Ocarina of Time but the one I love most is the Spirit Temple one. Light of the Town from Legend  of Legaia and Righteous Soul from Way of the Samurai are also in my favorites. These are only a sparse few compared to the vast amount of iconic and not so iconic video game music that I really enjoy.


Cloud likes the music too.

Cloud likes the music too.

Q2: How do you feel about mobile phone games?

A2: Personally I feel as if best they are a distraction, currently very few are actually worth serious play times. But as a distraction there can be a lot of fun had and since that’s what’s important in entertainment it does mean we can’t just out right dismiss them. Currently however the depth of mobile games are often lacking and making them not worth paying for. In time as they become more in depth they may threaten the hand held gaming market but for now they aren’t in the same category.


Q3: Considering it’s Holiday Season and many people have family Traditions, do you have any Video Game Traditions that you visit yearly?


A3:  Yes I very much have video game traditions, every year I play both FF7 & FF8 again, and see how far I get through it in a about a  5-days-Week (that is only an one to three hours max a day.). Jon also similarly plays FF7 as well, though I’m unsure if he limits himself with a time limit.

I also have a bi-monthly event where I play Minecraft or Terraria on hard mode and see what I can do/how far I can get. I also just in general (so I don;t think it qualifies as a tradition) go back and play a lot of older games I played as a kid or games I’ve never played before.


B.T.'s Castle

B.T.’s Castle

Q4: Who are the biggest influences for you to play video games (why did you get into playing them)?


A4: I’ve been playing video games ever since I could lift a controller, and in that I would say my brother (Tirc) is my biggest influence. After my brother I would Say my Uncle who I looked up to a lot as a kid and it is because of him I got into military history and history in general. Both my uncle and my brother made me explore gaming and I would say in honorable mention that my father played a part in that as well.

So ultimately family is why I got into it and once it took hold I didn’t let go. Gaming is a source of entertainment and relaxation and on occasion some interesting thought provoking/inspiration can occur as well. Gaming can certainly be a distraction or a window into imagination as such I promote gaming and wish to share my love of it.




Q5: What is your guilty pleasure game(s)?

A5: Admittedly I have several: Minecraft/Terraria, Call of Duty games, the Total War series, and the Dynasty Warriors series are in general my guilty pleasure games that I have and often play, despite their short comings. I find guilty pleasure games are something everyone has but just because you enjoy them doesn’t mean you can’t also accept that they have faults and what they are.


Minecraft Game Art

Minecraft Game Art

Q6: What is ONS Gaming to you?

A6: ONS Gaming to me is an outlet to express (like I’ve stated before) my love of gaming. I wholly intend for this to be a profitable endeavor that I can make a living off of as well as a means to be able to give back to the community of gamers that support this site and also to give to those who are less able or are new to gaming. The passion I have for this site, being creative, being helpful and compassionate, supporting gaming and the culture that has been built is immense but in the wise words of JonTron: “You can give up now, or you can beat it up, because I certainly can’t do it with out you…”

Well I’m not giving up now and after talking to some people I have renewed and reaffirmed my goals. As for what we are beating up maybe it’s villains and enemies, also bad games not worth full price (or any). But it is fairly accurate I, everyone here and this site as a whole or in part can’t succeed without you the viewers, our fans.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and winter time and we will see you soon!


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