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We’ve reached the end of our first Final Fantasy Week here at ONS Gaming. We set out to talk about games we hold dear and topics related to Final Fantasy and gaming in general for us here. Final Fantasy has been a big part of us here for one reason or another, instilling a love of RPG’s, their mechanics, or their emphasis on story and characters and why story is an integral part in many good games.


Final Fantasy 9, a game I will adamantly admit that I never finished so I can’t and won’t talk about it in depth (until such a time that I do beat it) [If you want an in depth post on FF9 we have one HERE]. When it came out originally my brother bought it and I played it for roughly fifteen hours. More recently I played it for about six hours and then realized I had no room in memory to save it. Needless to say I was annoyed to the point I didn’t try to re-start.

To be honest back when it came out I wasn’t very impressed with the game for one reason or another. But more specifically I didn’t like the art style or the feel. Which is ironic since it was made to be like FF6 and the Final Fantasies before the sixth one to which I like. I guess it shines a point on how I and most people quickly judge/perceive a game and either put it down or never pick it up to begin with.


And that’s an honest issue I have and many others do too. We need to remember that games aren’t only a visual medium but are a combination of play, visual, audio and story and they can’t be judge by looking at them or by playing only an hour of them. In the case of RPG’s there can be no definitive in depth judgment on them until you have completed them as maybe the story starts out slow but by the end you would have loved it. As for most other games you (myself too) really need to play them for more than an hour to give them and all they have to offer a fair chance.

Now while I would love to play all games that are out there I can’t and most other people can’t either if not for time issues than money issues. What I’m saying before you judge and then speak about a game to others is that you actually play the game. Otherwise all you should say is “It doesn’t look like a game I would enjoy” and nothing else. But as we all know looks can be deceiving and honestly if we just base what we say to others on perceptions without experience we miss the game in it’s entirety and can lose out valuable enjoyment. ( I’m not saying we all should play game after game of genres we already dislike, but rather A) we shouldn’t speak ill of a creation we havent even attempted to play and B) Maybe try a game in a different genre on occasion, one may never know when they will be pleasantly surprised)


Going back to FF9 real quick I have to admit I liked its music. I liked its game play and it felt familiar and enjoyable. But I can’t speak for its story and I disliked its visuals. But even still it’s time for me to give it a true chance, and beat the entire game and if I still don’t like it then I don’t but at least I gave it a chance… Undoubtedly everyone has a game like this. Maybe you should give that game truly its’ full chance as well.

I just want to thank you all for joining us this week, and for reading our posts and checking out the other content we have to offer on this site. If there are any games you want us to talk about in returning to non-specific weeks, please don’t hesitate to ask us. I hope you return daily to check us out! – B.T.


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