Final Fantasy Week; Chronicles of ONS Gaming: Fave Final Fantasy Character?



Chronicles of ONS Gaming:

Question: Who is your favorite Final Fantasy character and why?



Tirc:  Cloud Strife
For me it has to be Cloud Strife. One main reason is because he was the first ever controllable character for me in a Final Fantasy game. The other is because of his move set. His limit breaks are really cool and Omni Slash is flat out amazing.



B.T. : Vincent Valentine from FF7…

Vincent Valentine is my favorite Final Fantasy character of all time. He blames himself, is an anti-social, dark and brooding character that can’t accept the past nor handle the future alone. He himself is a monster only ever just in control off his emotions and so he tries to be emotionless to the world where all his previous emotions have been stolen or twisted into the monster he see’s himself and the world to be. Yet because of this he is a very human character and since I have an obsession with the past seemingly like Vincent I can even if in an abstract kind of way relate to him.

He isn’t my only favorite, but he is the highest. Others include: Squall (FF8) and Auron (FFX).



Jon: I’m going to admit, this is sort of hard for me. There are a lot of great Final Fantasy characters. Even going as far back as the second game, there’s always a character or two from each game that strikes a chord with me, where I can say “Wow, I relate to that” or “Yeah, I can see why they did that”. I could keep the FF7 theme going and say Cid, and while he’s one of my favorites, he isn’t my absolute favorite.

The question isn’t who is the best Final Fantasy character either, because if it was, I’d have to choose Squall. I think out of all of the Final Fantasy protagonists, none quite have the character development and depth of Squall. He goes from a guy who really dislikes everyone and wants nothing more than to just complete his missions, to becoming the reluctant leader of an entire military organization, and finally, with the help of a certain girl and childhood, someone who is compassionate and really does care about others. You see this a tiny bit with Cloud, but the coldhearted mercenary facade ends up disappearing a few hours into the game. Squall’s development happens slowly, and it isn’t until late in the game that he becomes who he is. Not a single FF character in the main series can boast this kind of development, not Cloud, not Terra, not Zidane, not Bartz, not Cecil, not Tidus, and most definitely not Lightning. But still, as much as I like Squall, I can’t pick him. I could go with Delita Heiral or Ramza Beoulve from Final Fantasy Tactics. I even leaned towards Kain from FFIV. But when it came down to it, there could really only be one choice.

This is probably going to come out of left field for many of you, but I’d have to go with…

Locke Cole, FFVI

Locke Cole

Boy do I hate Amano’s artwork but it’s the only official artwork due to FF6 being a SNES game

When it came down to it, I had to go with Locke from FF6. If I can relate to any Final Fantasy character while still laughing my ass off, it’s with Locke. When you first meet Locke, he is introduced as a “treasure hunter” working for an anti-Empire group called the Returners. Despite being a thief, he never goes by that name, insisting on being called a “treasure hunter” or “adventurer”. When Terra is rescued and has her slave crown removed, Locke is the one whom a leader of the Returners chooses to help her. Locke has a strange personality quirk that makes him feel compelled to protect every woman he meets, so he ends up promising Terra he would protect her. He makes the same promise to Celes when she joins the party. It’s very obvious that Locke has feelings for Celes, but he never acts on them despite it being equally as obvious that she reciprocates these feelings. The game eludes to a tragedy happening in Locke’s life that makes him act this way, but it’s not until the second part of the game that we figure out why.

After finding Locke, you see him looking over a bed with a girl in it. Turns out, a long time ago, Locke and this girl, named Rachel, were a couple. She was the only girl who didn’t treat Locke as a thief, even though Locke was really just a treasure hunter following in his father’s footsteps. Rachel’s father hated Locke, and to prove himself to him, Locke decided to go to Mt. Kolts to find what he would eventually make into her engagement ring. He crossed a bridge, and as he did, the bridge broke. Rachel rushed to save him, but she ended up falling off the bridge. Locke brought her back to the village and tended to her, but she had a very severe case of amnesia. Her father, who didn’t really like Locke to begin with anyways, detested him even more. Seeing that Locke did nothing but cause problems for her father, Rachel ended up agreeing with him when he wanted Locke out of the house. Because she had no recollection of her relationship with him, Locke never blamed her. But the village he lived in turned on him, and he left. Locke eventually returned, hearing that the empire was attacking the village. When he did, it was too late, Rachel was dead, but she had regained her memory before her death, her last words being “If a man called Locke should ever return, please tell him I love him”.

Locke refused to accept her death, and with the help of a herbologist, kept her body preserved in case he could find a way to revive her. He eventually does find the Phoenix esper, who revives her for a brief moment, enough for her to tell Locke to finally forgive himself and to give his love to the one who now dwells in his heart, meaning Celes. He rejoins the party, and after Kefka’s defeated, Celes drops his bandanna and goes to retrieve it as the tower is crumbling. His last line of dialogue, after saving her, is “I won’t let go, I promise”.

So why Locke? He’s like a Vincent that isn’t a complete tool. Vincent is depressed but he cries about it all the time. Locke is depressed and does what a lot of people who are depressed do, he covers it up with humor. He redeems himself, much like Vincent, but Locke is a driving force behind the plot. He’s relateable, but not ridiculous. His story tugs at the heart strings but isn’t sappy. It’s plausible. He’s also one of the better characters in the game, and is a source of comic relief throughout the entire game. Roll all that into one character, and you’ll have a great one. One worthy enough to be a lot of people’s favorite, not just mine.



Noodle: Lightning, but like the others I have a few favorites; I like Aerith/Aeris, Cloud, and Yuffie as well for no particular reason [Aerith/Aeris is kind & compassionate, Cloud is unsure of himself and Yuffie is a fount of energy]…

I like Lightning because of her Love of steaks and her snarky bad ass style.

The Snark...

The Snark…

Who doesn't love Steak?

Who doesn’t love Steak?


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