Final Fantasy Week: Final Fantasy 13 & FF8




Final Fantasy 13 to Final Fantasy 8


Sorry for the silence of yesterday but it was a tribute to the death of the main series for me; of course I’m referring to Final Fantasy 13 and it’s sequels. I don’t care for the game play but you can play it like older games or just allow the battle to automate only occasionally taking over should you need to. Graphically/visually, and musically the game is as you would expect wonderful but personally I don’t play RPG’s for the looks or the music. I play them for the story and that is where my biggest gripe with Final Fantasy 13 (FF13) is: The story.

It’s been thrown at me that maybe I just don’t get the story or the characters (the main point of the story) to which I politely disagree. I don’t completely hate the story in that I like the concept but it is the execution that fails miserably. Over use of data logs which also ruins the game because of the fact the premise can only be found in the data logs, and that relates to the main antagonists motivations.

Well what does this have to do with Final Fantasy 8? Final Fantasy 8 (FF8) happens to be one of my favorite Final Fantasy games, which is kind of ironic in some ways. It happens to have some major issues as well that make it a not as great game. However it’s story while not the greatest at least is coherent and complete. The game suffers more in game play than story almost an opposite of FF13. Where as FF13 has more automation than necessary or should exist in an RPG, FF8 has too much busy work required. The issue there is with the Magic Draw System and the related Junctioning System.

For those of you who have the pleasure of not playing this game, FF8 uses a Draw System, where any and all magic must be drawn from enemies or Draw Spheres that can be found through out the world. With this magic that is drawn the player can either cast it or not but must junction magics to boost stats and other abilities. The higher the number of magic stock you have the better the boost is. Which makes magic a rather useless ability for your characters. You don’t want to waste it and lose stats mid battle. But I don’t completely hate the Draw System because you can Draw Summons from a few Battles to which I thought was cool and drawing new magics is cool but all the buys work in having to constantly draw 100 (or more if you use the magics) just pads the game…

The only real magic that one would use besides magics like cura that aren’t junctioned to stats but honestly the Guardian Forces (GF’s) [this games Summons]. I rather like the Summons in this game they are all interesting; the Doom Train is a bit OP (over powered), but they are all good the only problem with the GF’s are the long cinematic scenes. The summoned scenes aren’t skippable so in events that are timed they can be costly.

In addition to the Draw System the Main Character Squall has a Gun blade which while realistically the weapon is ridiculous it was at least for a time cool and in game there was a simple timing mechanic in battle to allow a shot. The “shot” causes extra damage to your normal hit in that the gun blade really uses the shot to make the sword vibrate to inflict more damage (concept similarly based on Vibroblades of Star Wars). The problem with this however really deals with the handle of the gun blade while you might do more damage you’re also going to do damage to your wrist, which would in time reduce your effectiveness in battle. But that’s a nitpick that doesn’t ruin the game.

Which brings us back to FF13, Lightning’s weapon which transforms. Her weapon is actually cool and functions as it is. Now I should Admit despite my disdain for the game that is FF13 and most of what’s in it, for the most part Lightning is the only character I can stand. Her weapon however only get’s a pass because it does one or the other, it is either melee or long range and not both at the same time, and of course because it is in a futuristic setting I don’t doubt such a thing could exist it’s far more plausible than a gun blade but I like them too…


Final Fantasy 8 talk will continue tomorrow on it’s own-


* Made a correction to the gun blade talk. It was mixed up with Irvine’s weapon, it has since been fixed 12/15

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