Fall Harvest; ONS Gaming Chronicles: Favorite Farm Sim Crop?



ONS Gaming Chronicles: What is your favorite crop to grow in farm simulators?




– Corn & Tomatoes

Corn & Tomatoes because they are my families crops, that is to say that my family has them at every major family meal, my father also grew tomatoes for the longest time. My secondary choice would be the crop that earns the biggest profit which of course is different for every farm simulator.



B.T.:  Back To Nature Tomato

What is my favorite crop to grow in simulators? Well that one is easy as it’s the same as the type of plant I like to grow in real life; that being Tomatoes. Tomatoes are multi-use like a lot of fruits/vegetables/herbs for me their primary use is in creating sauces. I cook a lot of Italian/Italian-esque meals; but Tomatoes can be eaten raw as well. In Farm Simulator games I just like growing them they remind me of home, and family, and the past. In Harvest Moon games Tomatoes are multi-harvest crops, allowing you to plant one seed and instead of getting only one crop out of it you get multiples, expanding your profit margin.

Tomatoes, my preferred crop :]

Tomatoes, my preferred crop :]







Potatoes and also Tomatoes, both because they are standard crops that you can find in many if not all farm simulators. Potatoes all seem to work or operate in the same context per game; one time only growth, they are also fairly cheap and easy to tend to. Potatoes are after all a staple crop.

(potatoes exist as available crops in games from exclusively farm simulation such as SimFarm or Farming Simulator 2013+ to games related to farming and gardening such as Minecraft and Plants vs. Zombie)

simfarm Crops




: I don’t really have a favorite crop but I do like the Harvest Moon series. I’m unsure if I like the animals more than the plants. :I
HM Grass

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