Fall Harvest: Opener; Farm Sim a Note: SeedScape





Hey everyone Welcome to our Fall Harvest Mini Event where we celebrate Thanksgiving, and talk about (primarily Harvest Moon) but also Farm simulators as a group since what is fall but harvest time? Of course Harvest Moon (previously stated as the primary for discussion) is a wonderful series but it is not the only. In fact there are several and they range from harvest moon spin-offs to individual game series. Some are casual such as Farmville and Green Farm and others like Harvest moon and Sim Farm are more core gaming oriented.

Farm simulators are interesting in that some mix in elements of rpg’s, while others go from a more realistic approach to farming. They often also have business simulation added in as a means to further your farm and advance your abilities, range and scope of your farming endeavors as well. Fortunately because there is a spectrum within farming simulations that various gamers can become interested in them.

While there is a few farming games the vast majority are Harvest Moon games, or it’s spinoffs (Rune Factory & Innocent Life). Fortunately SeedScape is hopefully coming to the rescue to expand the community of farm simulator games with an adorable graphical look. The game is currently on Greenlight trying to get onto Steam.

It is intended to blend farming, rpg elements and to me makes me think of Harvest Moon and Plants Vs Zombies put together. There are currently 3 species two made up nature spirits based on a sprout and a mushroom and the third being human. Unlike a lot of other games that make claims of whats upcoming SeedScape states whats currently in game.
SeedScape Title

What I like about it is it’s openness to players allowing them to roam, build where they want and how, as well as enabling co-op support by sending friends items via item codes. Everything on their Greenlight page is to be on launch but it is also stated that there will be post launch support and additions.

SeedScape could end up being a fair bridge for casual gamers and core gamers. But we will have to wait and see when it is released.

*Disclosure* Neither myself or anyone else here @TheONSGaming know the creators of this indie game, but we do support indie developers! SeedScape looks interesting and at the very least has my personal Greenlight endorsement as I want to play it and review it. If you do go look at the game through the three steam links (first title/ the picture/ or bottom link ) and decide to vote remember to vote based on whether you would be interested in the game yourself!

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