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Hey everyone B.T. here and for this post we’re talking about the recently released Call of Duty game. Now I am going to do a video on this game and it’s currently in the works but I felt like it would be good to post something other than news and since the other three newer games I got I won’t be talking about until I get more hours into them. Instead I’m going to talk about the Single and Multiplayer  a little bit of this game*.

[Now I have to disclose that this is the PlayStation 3 version of this game, I imagine some of my issues that I have had with the game are non-issues in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game.]


Single Player Campaign

This Call of Duty game is the first in a long time for Call of Duty games to having the normal development period of three years which is the general average/standard development cycle for AAA game developers/publishers. This was apparent in the story in which there were far less cliches in this years Call of Duty as opposed to last years (Ghosts of which I called out everything that was going to happen before it happening making it a bore to play). While there were still some cliches or foreseeable twists in the story the over all story was an acceptable affair. You play as Jack Mitchell a Marine in the United States Army that will fight various forces in an effort of knightly protection of the weak and of course doing what is just.


The game with it’s futuristic drop ship pod method makes me think and compare it to games such as Warhammer 40k and Front Mission. The Exoskeleton suits (Exo-Suits) only further the futuristic gaming experience. However to say it is unique in single player or multiplayer would be poor choice of words.This game is entertaining but the story and the over all feel is not unique. That being said it is fair example of futuristic war gaming. The controls for the new exo-suit aren’t overly complicated and are easily adapted to an FPS gamer, and the standard controls remain the same.


The only true complaint I have for the single player I imagine is honestly a PS3 version issue. There are several instances of the game dropping and popping into a load screen that freezes the game… it is so shattering to the gamer that it fully breaks immersion and the fun. Any tension in chase or escape scenes that could be had is also lost. There are some plot hole issues but they are at best nitpick (will mention in video).


The multiplayer is almost exactly like every other Call of Duty multiplayer. The ease of play as well as some of the new additions to what gamers can equip or use have opened the game to those who aren’t that great at competitive multiplayer. I have heard complaints about these items and equipment however the game is actually balanced if you actually try to use different items. Most of the equipment have useable defenses (against). There are more interactive bits in the maps as well but they also seemingly only affect a small area of the maps despite the in match warnings that something major is happening (tsunami or rocket launch).

However, the ease of use also means that the competitiveness is also limited to the players on your team that is unless you are playing with a clan team against another clan team where matches are often heated. The chances of this happening on PS3 is less considering most of the core competitive Call of Duty players have moved on to the next gen systems but (I must stress this) clans still exist on the older gen systems and even good players do as well.

Much like the Single Player I had issues with the game more specifically than loading issues such as frame rate and latency. Now I want to say I feel that this is because I played it on the second day of launch and it’s all launch jitters and not actual long term ones. From my perspective though it could also become long term on the latency as now it has to find players from further distances to play with (Much like issues in Gunbound) and other multiplayer online games where game rooms often would become country specific because of latency…




Everything being said the game isn’t bad but it’s also not a 10/10 great. It’s fun fps affair but the story isn’t thought provoking or philosophically deep. The Multiplayer is as you expect for a FPS series that has been going on for ten plus years. Graphically it is better than last years Call of Duty (Ghosts) it’s what one would expect to see but only by a minor amount. The controls are the same even with additions much like every Call of Duty before it. It is an improvement and there’s much more polishing even with the issues that I had. Issues I honestly can’t say everyone’s experiencing so they are minor gripes.

If you are into FPS games than I truly suggest picking it up at some point and playing it. If you hate the Call of Duty of modern days and haven’t played any in a long time then I also suggest you pick it up, again at some point. The game for me is a solid 7.5/10*. Its a different Call of Duty affair and is worth playing but it’s far from a masterpiece.

As always make up your own decisions and above all else keep gaming!

My KDR is of course a 7.5 …


I have as of this post played this game for: 7.5 hours for single player 20+ hours in multiplayer & co-op.

Ha… kill streak, orbital care package… Warbird… owned…

Atlas, a Weapons Manufacturer returns from previous games.

Atlas, a Weapons Manufacturer returns from previous games.


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