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The Sub Category of gaming that is History (Historical) happens to be my favorite sub category and has been since an early age. It would be remiss if I didn’t talk about History and Historical games. See for me History is very key to a lot of things; it is often a way to explain or understand circumstances and actions. Indeed our future often lay within the confines of our history.

For me History is not just means to an understanding but also a way to tell important messages through relative fiction and a fascination on the non-fiction (read: truth). The wonderful of the sub-category of History unlike say a genre is that it can vary between genres and in of itself has many various sub categories. Allowing one to pick a game that may suit whatever genre and time period crave that one may have.


History has played a huge basis in gaming and not just video games. History is a typical theme in board and table top games as well as video games, while some games just take inspiration based on historical events or historical periods others are full on retelling. Which for me begs the question… how accurate are these games to history? Seriously what is there historical accuracy? Are they full on historical fiction with events and details being period correct but the persons are not real? Or are they simply just using concepts or themes from history?


I question this as I recall my uncle doing the same thing on war movies for his military unit; he rated movies of war based on their accuracy and probably relevancy as well to the military. This is something I want to explore as well: I love History. I hope some of you will follow me on said journey (though don’t worry other games (non-historical) will be talked about by the other members of the site and by myself included). Many of you may only glance at such games but more often than not if you have played a table top or a video game you have had some experiences with them, for better or for worse.

Medal of Honor

The games have a far range from the Steel Panthers and Panzer to games like Medieval Total War and Kessen to those that are like Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. Of course games such as Sid Meier’s Civilization, Colonization, Pirates and more are also games of contention to be talked about for history and accuracy. And that is but a small, small sample of games. Originally I was going to do a series much like a traditional YouTube series but there are a lot of them out there already and not many that do this ^. I will still talk about non-history games on YouTube and will still talk about them in a standard series but that won’t be my focus.

I want to thank all of you that support this site and me regardless of your background or nationality. My dream is to work here as full time as a career and doing this stuff and talking about things I love and thing’s I know others do too. I can’t accomplish my dream and my realistic goals without your help. So thank you and as always, keep gaming!



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