ONS Gaming News- 11/05/14



Hey everyone just brief update in regards of news, whats going on, whats upcoming and so on.

The RCT Retrospective was completed recently (just prior to the Horror Halloween Event) but prior to that being finished we hit several milestones that were only possible thanks to all of you who visit this site each and every day!

With Horror Halloween Bash event being over there’s about two and a half weeks until the next event: Fall Harvest again looking at the series Harvest Moon. This month only has its short event due to December seeing two, though for the first time. Starting on the 11th of December¬† and ending on the 17th is the new event Final Fantasy Week. Most of us here at ONS Gaming, are fans of RPG’s and Final Fantasy is a series that for most exemplifies J-RPG’s and in general RPG’s. The second event in December is the Noel & Merriment event which is much like a giant Chronicles of ONS Gaming event for us.

While we do play a majority of retro/older games and therefore comment, talk and review on older games a lot more often, we do play some modern games (games released in the last few years, including the most recent season of games). Several pieces are in the works to showcase this. One of which will start with Civilization 1&2 and end with the currently recent released Civilization: Beyond Earth, this series will include offshoot games as well…

Some more modern games to be talked about will include likes of Red Dead Redemption:Undead Nightmare, Payday 2, Assassins Creed Series, and others.

Some recent games include the new WWE 2k15 and Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare among others.

There is of course other content that is being worked on outside of these notes. Please check back weekly to see the new content, and we hope you look forward to these events and games forth coming!


We all here at ONS Gaming want to thank you for visiting our site we hope you will return often!
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