HHB: ONS Gaming Chronicles: What is your favorite Horror/Halloween inspired location?

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Chronicles of ONS Gaming:

Question: What is your favorite Horror/Halloween inspired “location” (to see in games?)



B.T.-  Historical Zombie Outbreaks – The Wild West

Mine is less of a specific location and more of a concept; I’m bending the question a bit I know but it still works…

Red Dead Redemption UN

Zombie Apocalypse in the Wild West is such a yes; for me I find zombie apocalypses fascinating for whatever reason and so many of them appear during modern times so they are kind of becoming blasé and are so overdone. I would like to see them occur more in historical settings, which would be a way to increase the difficulty of a zombie apocalypse even if the enemies are just standard zombies. Thankfully there is a game/expansion where one such historical outbreak occurs and this happens in the wild west: Red Dead Redemption-  Undead Nightmare.

A glorious wild west game on it’s own when they put out the dlc for the game I was excited and I wasn’t disappointed…

Just Run

Just Run




Jon : [Inferred] Haunted Mansions

Haunted Mansions but not because of games like Resident Evil but rather because of the GameCube game Luigi’s Mansion for the GameCube. Which this site needs to talk about at some point.


You know you like this game, so comment down below if you want us to talk about it.




Tirc: Abandoned Small Towns


I think the coolest location for a horror game is in an abandoned small town. A zombie apocalypse obviously plays well in that locale, but really any type of scenario would play well there. It’s spaced out enough to have a large game world but also has enough buildings to have plenty points of interest in order to drive the story.

Silent Hill




Noodle: Graveyards


‘it was a graveyard smash’

Graveyards are my favorite horror/Halloween related location. They can be spooky and unnerving, or eerily calming. They are also associated with spirits both the ill-mannered kind and the family loving still-want-to-protect-you even though I’m a  ghost kind. Regardless of how you feel about them in the real world, in video games they can be a helpful bunch and they often can be found by graveyards.



But these aren’t the only ones there are numerous themes out their for people from Dracula’s Castle to Dark Woods to one of the current prevailing locations: Space, Stranded Ships, and Space Stations. The darkness of space has always been something of a nightmare so much so a lot of science fiction/fantasy horror exists. Even int he video game world where some of the scary games of recent years have been in space, such as Doom 3 (although this is the eldest), Dead Space Series, and more recently with Alien: Isolation…

Alien Isolation


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