Horror Halloween Bash: Human Nature = Bubsy 3D & Two Worlds?

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A brief hopefully thought provoking post, you don’t need to take this seriously…

I just want to briefly interject the notion that sometimes games don’t need to be horror, horror action adventure, or horror survival to be scary. I find that sometimes bad or unfinished games are the ones that are truly scary. Simply on the fact that it is a window into the human condition/nature. In the same aspect that good Zombie movies and tales are about the human survivors more so that the actual zombies.

It shouldn’t need to be said but sometimes humans are truly scary, considering the depths of which evil in humans will go. Many horror games are based on tales or movies where the monster is a human… I can say with no full certainty of bias or bitterness that unfinished games are a glimpse into that monster. The lack of caring for ones consumer and giving them a fair quality product just speaks of underlines in greed or avarice which can often lead to horrors.


Terrifyingly bad games such as Bubsy 3D or Two Worlds (I & II) exemplify this. The former game has a rap of being an unfinished pile of what an alpha state of a game should be. Both graphically and game play mechanics are at bare minimum making this 3D platformer fail. It was released knowingly on its poor status and released as a full complete game, despite a lot of game mechanics unfinished, untested or unplayable to most standards.

The latter game series: Two Worlds actually hits home, while briefly having played the first one, I destroyed the darkness that was this game… (honestly I stepped on it by accident) It too was a poorly “finished” game. But I personally feel most people deserve a second chance so when Two Worlds II was talked about online and in gaming magazines I awaited with anticipation on what could be a good game and a redemption over their poor first game. So the preorder was on.

Two Worlds

Of course I was sadly mistaken again…And Two Worlds II, while an improvement over the first game it wasn’t as great of a game that was hyped or hoped for. The game itself is better but the game mechanics needed work as they are still unpolished, quests of ridiculous lengths of fetching, going to point a to b are absurd in this game even of an rpg game. The difficulty swings and the poor story also contributed to it’s failure.

So I propose that the companies that don’t take the time to polish their games, that they are the horrors that haunt gamers…But it wouldn’t be fair without also including us as potential monsters to them, for wanting more than their best, sometimes a game developer does try their best to make something new and it doesn’t always pan out and then we crucify them.

Two Worlds II

It’s just a thought… but seriously Bubsy 3D, Two Worlds I & II are horrifying (among many other games)…


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