Horror Halloween Bash: Plants vs. Zombies

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Welcome everyone, B.T. here and today I’m going to talk about PVZ, there’s been recent reports about zombies appearing in Africa and several other locations but most likely they are false. Sometimes people are just being sensationalists or are writing speculative fiction that is either modern or attempts to blend in non-fiction. Anyways that being said let’s get into the game shall we? Let’s shall.


Plants vs. Zombies is a tower defense video game originally came out in 2009 by pop cap games, a formerly large indie game developer who is now owned by EA (since 2011). It pits you, and your plants against zombies, clearly in the title however you plant plants so you can survive. You/ the human inside the house actually doesn’t do a thing. Your defense in this game is well the plants, you also have lawn mowers and can buy pool/roof cleaners that act like lawn mowers which when zombies for the first time hit them they set them off killing all of the zombies in that lane… but they can only be used once per lane on each stage. There are also garden rakes which will kill the first zombie to come across them.


Plants vs. Zombies level
There are several types of zombies which as again the title states is your enemy. Fortunately every enemy type has a weakness that you can easily use against them, except for the fact you have a limited number of seed slots limiting your choices of the plants you will have on a stage. Yet at the beginning of every stage you will see your opposition before hand allowing you to pick the most useful plants.

Plant Seeds
There are several levels of which they have several stages, throughout playing the levels and stages you will meet the ever so strange, Crazy Dave who unlocks the mini-games within the levels and also once you find his car keys after level 3 stage 4 will open up his shop Twiddydinkies. At the shop you can expand your seed slot, buy new seeds, defenses, plant upgrades, required game packs for iOS and Android versions of the game and Zen garden items (upgrades, plants, items).

In this game the levels are situated about the house of which the plants are trying to protect. The first is the front yard and the last is the roof (where you have to fight the end game boss). This game isn’t actually that hard and the most fun I had honestly was well the mini-games that first appear when playing the story. Once beaten they are unlocked and can be played again and again. The Zen Garden which you also unlock playing the main story is relaxing and interesting. It kind of works in entertainment/relaxation that may or may not be because of ingrained experiences we have as a species…. much like the sensation many get with other farming games (Sims Farm, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory).

Another fun thing with this game before EA altered the series is the almanacs which each entry therein is silly/quirky and down right fun. But that is just a small little edition that showcases the difference between an indie game company and a AAA games developer/publishing company. Plants vs Zombies wasn’t the only game in fact it spawn a series. The Main series has this game Plants vs. Zombies and Plants vs. Zombies 2 It’s About Time. Then there’s the offshoot games… Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, the closed Facebook game Plants vs. Zombies Adventures, Plants vs. Zombies Risk, and Plants vs. Zombies: Plants vs Zombies Pinball, as well as canceled and spinoffs.


I have as of this post played this game for: 12+ hours.


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