Horror Halloween Bash: Plants and Zombies DPG

Horror Halloween Bash Event Title
Welcome everyone to this years horror Halloween bash event for ONS Gaming, As the title says for the opener is about Plants & Zombies. And this is a special edition post!. We decided that it would be okay for DPG to talk for this years opener…


That’s right today we’re doing a special edition post in a DPG style…We’re of course talking about plants and zombies and how zombies would just step on your azaleas. In most cases plants lose out to zombies every time. There are a few exceptions. One such are trees, where survivors can use them to construct all sorts of defensible items as well as using them to make a tree village if enough time, resources, and people are available.


A lot of books and people warning about the coming Zombie Apocalypse will mention chain link fences as a defensive form. However chain link fences aren’t super tough but you can maximize their usability but placing thick hedges along with the fences. Hedges; another of the plant group that works as valid defense, if the hedges are almost human height (or higher) and is thick, about three feet thick from the ground floor up. The height and thickness will bar most zombies from the chain link fence making it last a lot longer. Fortunately this is a valid all year round defense as most hedge species are of the pine family and survive well in cold to warm areas.

Tall Hedges

Unlike trees however, most hedges will not survive in hot and desert areas. As most places have trees, again it seems as the exception being deserts. Most deserts don’t have trees and the ones they may have are short which is great for fires but not for valid defenses or homes. Deserts also have cactus.. yet the real world isn’t like games Terraria or Minecraft, cactus have very little importance to us as defense, we cant use them as armor and they won’t bare zombies, since growing a fence of cactus would be hard and they would just knock them over. They can (certain types) however be used as a form of water storage for emergencies, or escapes.


Regardless of plants or zombies, if you have decided to make a living somewhere in a zombie apocalypse you need to worry about shelter, defense, food, water and supplies (both basic and advanced). Where ever you decide to call home (new or familiar) you should write down where everything is, and map out the world surrounding you so you know where you can temporarily hole up or to find supplies.
We’re sorry, DPG has completely misunderstood the topic at hand. Management will make sure they are sacked, please stay tuned for the following post: Plants vs. Zombies…

Zombies in all likelihood would seriously smush your plants there’s no usage of plants in the zombie apocalypse world, but you know that’s whatever. All you really need is some good weapons, jerky (beef because we’re men..least some of us are), beer, and maybe some water. Of course you need ammo so don’t forget that.

Again we’re sorry, as the new poster has completely misunderstood as well, the new poster has been sacked, and the management have also been sacked for the sacking of DPG and hiring of this new poster. Our sincere apologies, please stay with us as the next post will be the sincerest and true form of Zombies V.s Plants.
The initial management has been rehired, and sacked the previous management, next for this weeks event is the real game post: Plants vs. Zombies by Pop Cap!



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