What’s Up With Tirc?




Hey ONS Gamers, Tirc here with a quick update/report on what I’ve been doing. I haven’t written an article or made a solo video in a while. B.T. and I are wrapping up production on our third installment of the Roller Coaster Tycoon milestone series. I’ve been in and out of a few games both PC and mobile. On the mobile side I have 3 games that I am in multiple times a day but are more time management type games. All 3 of which I will bring to you in a review in some way shape or form. Those games are Clash of Clans, Tiny Tower Vegas, and Motor World Car Factory. I would recommend them to anyone who likes time management games. Each of them can be played and enjoyed without spending a dime as that is usually my barometer as to whether a free to play game is good or not. If you do play them hit me up on our site, social media, or at and we can exchange in game names.

The PC games that I have been playing are World of Warcraft and Terraria. I just got back into WoW a couple days ago as the pre-expansion patch dropped and my excitement for Warlords of Draenor is mounting. I have been playing a ton of Terraria. In terms of time spent gaming Terraria is probably at about 85% of my gaming the past 2 weeks. I have split my time between a multiplayer server that I play on with B.T. and a couple solo worlds that I have. I will be doing videos and articles revolving around Terraria. It will be the focus of my article for the event coming up this month and I also want to do a full scale review. If you have an opinion of whether that review be written or video please leave a comment on this article.

Stay tuned for more to come and as always leave comments below or reach out to us by e-mail, facebook, or twitter. Thanks for reading!

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