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Today I’m talking about the Indie game Rust by Facepunch Studios, the same creators of the ever so popular steam “game”; Garry’s Mod. Rust is a multiplayer online (optionally) co-op and highly likely PVP action adventure game with your goal to survive. The game pits players against players and some wildlife in an attempt to survive on an island that’s deserted by computer npcs, with various areas of civilization and uninhabited zones dotting across the games landscape. You start alone, naked and with a large rock as your only means of defense and use as a tool. Why are you a naked caveman who after a few hours can be equipped like the terminator? And why is the island deserted with radiation zones, mutant bears and wolves, and decrepit towns? No one knows as this game has no story.

click to head over to Facepuch Studios.

click to head over to Facepuch Studios.

A large goal of the game is to partner up with other players and make factions in an effort to survive and battle rivaling factions. In the world of Rust lots of things has a shelf life, so not only must you contend with surviving against the wilds and nature and other players but you have to constantly repair your home(s), walls and other objects at a rate that is unreasonable unfair. Hours of work can be undone by the time your town is done. However to be fair this game is still in alpha and was released in an alpha state on December 11th 2013 and lots of things such as audio, visuals, and coding need to be tweaked, altered or redone. Many of the games resources are also placeholder.


While the concept of rust (rotting away) is cool and realistic and almost morbid in a sense, within this game objects such as wood and steel walls and buildings they rot and disappear too quickly and I’m hopping that it is altered as making a real town with multiple buildings and walls is virtually impossible unless you have players playing at all hours in which several must resource gather constantly, others must constantly repair the walls and buildings and several other must be look outs and defenders of both the resource gathers and builders as well as defenders or look outs for the town.

A player made "town" in Rust

A player made “town” in Rust


What normally occurs is one large building instead of a walled town, which can work but also similar ideology of having groups within the faction responsible for maintenance, resources and defense must still take place. How one goes about those duties within groups is solely up to the faction/group. The more players working together however the more that can be accomplished which makes sense. There are also areas where you can make low key buildings, though currently you can not dig into the earth to hide items or make underground buildings and that may never occur with the game.


Rock/metal node

Wood pile

Wood pile

Gathering resources currently is done from nodes, rather than sources everywhere. Wood resources come from wood piles found in the world or the trees, where as stone and other materials found in stone come from stone nodes, making the large mountains made of stone just decor. Wood piles are often logs of a cut tree randomly placed int he world, which more wood is gained form these piles than from trees, though once mined of resources the wood pill and stone node disappears where as trees remain.





Other resources come from animals; though currently those resources are basic and or stock models, such as food being raw chicken meat which drops from all animals, cloth, leather (bears only), and blood (bears and wolves). Items dropped have a limited time until they disappear roughly five minutes in game be they drops from animals or mutant irradiated animals or players (including your own backpack after death).

The survivor aspects of the game are actually interesting and if there was a non-pvp version I feel like the game would become even more popular as its limiting factor is honestly the fact it is mandatory on pvp, on every sever currently. This game has a lot of things it needs to fix, add or expand on but for an alpha game its currently worth the price on Steam. That is specifically true if you have a group of friends willing to play it. Though unfortunately the mandatory pvp and required hours to play it does limit chances to play other games. Despite issues and annoyances (varying for everyone) this game is worth trying out if your into survival games.

This game is available for PC, Mac (OS X), and Linux and you can find it on their website or on Steam.


June 17th 2014, Rust underwent an alpha reboot, to enable easy changes to the game and updates for all versions of the games. The code was written from scratch.

I have as of this post played this game for: 14+ hours.


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    • To be honest, I hadn’t thought about it much. But currently as I’m playing Terraria in an exclusive let’s play for the site’s YT channel to see the new content if even one person wants me to take a look at RUST when it comes out of Early Access (which even the dev’s have no real clue when that will be) then I will add it to the list of stuff to produce! -B.T.

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