Real Serious Reviews: The Sims 4 Part 2






Part One of this on going review of the Sims 4 was more so about the very beginnings of the game and your characters existence at the beginning. I did note however there were some things that were more realistic and added to the simulations realism. That’s not to say that the game is hyper realistic because it’s not but it’s got some realism…


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Real Life/Realism

The realism in this game is higher than in some of the Sims games of the past but with a lot of the content cut out in favor of player based modding it’s not saying much. So what’s realistic or affects the realism in this game? Ironically some of that cut content does add to that. For instance houses, and the world at large is very compartmentalized. Which is actually realistic, most homes and communities are planned out and built in sections and homes themselves are built in sections. Some builders have even gone so far as to pre-build sections of houses and then putting them together at the spot of the house like a jigsaw puzzle.

First "world" of 2

First “world” of 2

So the Sims 4 mirrors this by allowing players to put down prefabricated houses, while this limits creativity it is well realistic and realistic simulation seems to be their goal that or disappointment. [In which the latter they have successfully succeeded]

Pre-built box home.

Pre-built box home.

The World can not be altered, that is you can’t build death pits or hazards, you cant build a beautiful rock garden with a small stream going through the middle, and you can’t landscape around community buildings. Now I seriously feel like Maxis/EA will put landscaping into a DLC at some point but currently it’s not confirmed. Along with landscaping you also can’t decorate the inside of community buildings, and while this feature was cool in Sims games of the past it wasn’t very realistic. I have a strong feeling that should you try and landscape or alter decor near or in a restaurant/retail store that cops will be called.
To these ends realism has gone up but then again if players wanted true to life realism then they wouldn’t play the Sim’s, they play the Sims to be creative in a world that stymies it. Or at least that’s why I use to play the Sims.


However again true to life (with loss creativity) they added more abilities as far as “spelunking & gathering” or finding items in the world be it from various plants or gem nodes. You can also salvage parts from broken items after they have been fixed, and by fixed I mean by your own hand (again there are no repairmen in this world). Items gotten through finding can be used to “upgrade” items increasing said items worth and useability. Hobbies such as gardening supplements plants in the wild and allows you to grow a variety of herbs, vegetables and fruits for cooking or making drinks with.

A variety of objects can be used as decor.

A variety of objects can be used as decor.


Hobbies mix with skills with each of them having their own related skill. Like anything skill based performing the action gains more skill and produces better quality of items. Some times however with the gathering hobbies where the item gotten is random even at lvl0-1 you can get some rarer objects. This makes the hobbies even more fun. But again like with painting and writing, you can turn these hobbies into cash, selling off items gained.

These findables (collectibles) can be found and these ones relate to characters from the My Sims series of Games.

These findables (collectibles) can be found and these ones relate to characters from the My Sims series of Games.

Instead of being so realistic forcing you to have a job the Sims 4 however allows you to be very unrealistic, by traversing the neighborhood and looting every searchable node for items I was able to make 500 simoleans, and that was not selling everything. Everything gotten is usable and some are decor that adds to your Sims mood/emotion.

Common items to rare items can be sold.

Common items to rare items can be sold.


For the first time in the core games of the Sims there is no curfew. Many people have or hold complaints over this fact. Personally I like there being no curfew. This removal of a past game mechanic was great for the realism factor and even creativity if you will. Real life has no curfew and in fact many of the things we take for granted only work because a fair portion of the work force works at different times then the “norm”. So true in the game can you continue on with looking for things, build your skills or work on projects to earn money.

[Insert any picture here you want of any infrastructure you take for granted; trash/electricity/gas/etc/]

While this game doesn’t have a curfew; it still is reliant on needs much like reality. So your Sim will have their own curfew based on energy, and you will have to set a schedule for your Sim if they have a job to best survive the simulation.

With realism in regards to curfew and there not being one, jobs are now much like they are in real life. That is to say the start/end times are sometimes awkward or grueling.

With realism in regards to curfew and there not being one, jobs are now much like they are in real life. That is to say the start/end times are sometimes awkward or grueling.

Of course we’re just touching the surface of this game so you can expect more continuations of this game under RSR and of course eventually a v-log on the game. So as always thanks for reading, thanks for supporting the website and we/I hope you return weekly to show your support…


I have as of this post played this game for: 8+ hours.


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