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Contra: The Alien Wars
Contra: The Alien Wars is a 1994 original Game Boy port of the 1992 Super Nintendo (SNES) Contra 3: The Alien Wars game by Factor 5. The port was a highly modified version of the game seeing the ability to hold two weapons and level 4 [the air battle level] of the SNES completely removed as well as some bosses on other stages. A strafing move in the top down view was added to make up for the loss of rotation and the limiting of a single weapon.

Game Boy Contra

The game of course was a graphical downgrade from the SNES version but still was very good for the original Game Boy. Though due to the graphical limitation of the Game Boy one of the weapons was removed in this version: the laser beam weapon. However this game still allowed the player to pick up and use bombs. The bombs when used will destroy minor enemies on screen or damaging bosses.

Unlike the SNES version the Game Boy port also had a password ability allowing players to continue on or even skip levels that they couldn’t beat or continue on. While the changes are highly noticeable the series difficulty as well as the sweet music makes this game a highly viable mobile series entry. Seriously the music doesn’t skip a beat and is as iconic as the rest of the Contra music in the series.

Fire trap Contra

Like I stated this game is difficult but with the password system it allows players to get further than they would normally or at the very least start from where they lost their continues, that’s not to say that the difficulty is completely side stepped. Fortunately however the games difficulty doesn’t steam from unfair/cheap deaths. When you die it’s clearly your fault, either you didn’t jump soon enough or you jumped too soon, or whatever it happens to be.

Start Screen gameboy Contra

The controls of this mobile game are fairly perfect, unless your Game Boy is broken of course. The games game play coding is great for both the side scrolling action and the top down. The top down however is my least favorite part about this game as it feels the weakest despite it’s controls being far fluid than a lot of other top down shooters. For me its the layout of the actual top down that is where it falters. Its very boring and difficult due to redundancies of barrier/obstacle placement. Enemies swarm in both side scrolling and top down yet the fluidity of fighting in the top down is less than it’s side scrolling counterpart but again it’s a lot better than other games. Using/having certain weapons such as homing or flamethrower can negate some of that loss…


Speaking of controls Contra as a series has always had a great fluid feel in its game play which is probably what allowed the series to continue for as long as it did. The series had its last release as Hard Corps: Uprising back in 2011 as a downloadable game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 that stayed true to the series difficult, smooth game play and music. It happened to be the first int he series without the Contra series name.

This game is worth playing much like the other games that we talk about regardless of their age. I wanted to talk about this game in the next upcoming event but I felt it was a good quick game to talk about that will aid in the transition into that event, and besides only I’m afraid of Aliens…


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