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The Sims 4


My head hurts already; I feel like I’m seconds away from a stroke due to some inexplicable reason plus this game. To be honest this game is both bad …(and I can’t believe I’m saying this)… and good. It’s exactly everything that the gaming market according to EA (again) inexplicably heading towards and therefore must be a true picture of what gamers want right? Right… Prior to getting this game I had heard that the game was missing “stuff” and tried to not allow it to destroy my experience or my review. Despite that I went through it hoping for a good experience and instead got what I knew was going to happen and some things I found interesting. Most of the problems with this game aren’t actually an in game issue per say. A lot of what makes this game good are simply superficial and the negatives are in a way due to nostalgia (ironically something I tend to “be”).

If you love the Sims from previous series then you will hate this game flat out, either avoid playing it or just continue playing Sims 2 or Sims 3. If you haven’t ever played a Sims game you can actually find some enjoyment out of this game. And here’s my dilemma: the trends of gaming when it comes to large publishers are such an affront to gamers and would-be supporters. Allowing the publishers to continue on with these trends/concepts are not only folly but damaging to the game industry as a whole. And since that “stench” is all over this game I’m going to do a review … strictly on the merits of the game and the series. And then I’ll talk about the bull that is just corporate inspired.

Regular edition, limited edition, premium edition, super awesome secret edition, day100dlcedition, Edition edition...

Regular edition, limited edition, premium edition, super awesome secret edition, day100dlcedition, Edition edition…

Create a Sim

Create a Sim, random generated character that everyone seems to have... not very random.

Create a Sim, random generated character that everyone seems to have… not very random.

The create a Sim is a unique feature that has it’s extremes and areas of lacking. But when you actually sit there and mess around with it there’s a lot of features that have been added and altered giving more customization in the beginning for beginners. Some of the features are returning ones from past games of the series and some of them are new. Most areas of the body can be altered, and there’s a decent number of options. However there are virtually no visible sliders to indicate size or change its all through self manipulation that takes a lot longer (allowing for more unique or extremely strange looks however). The only visible sliders used are those for fat and muscle ratios.

Not so flattering and highly unrealistic Miley Sim.

Not so flattering and highly unrealistic Miley Sim.

When creating a Sim you chose their sex, race, and personality like always and also their aspiration and traits like practically ever other the Sims games that I personal can think of. Their aspiration will determine their career of choice…


In most of the Sims games you make a character and chose their aspirations and traits. Based on their aspirations/traits you chose a career and get a job based on them (or you try and find a job based on it). Of course just in real life sometimes you have to get a regular job in order to fulfill bills while doing creative/school type things outside of work until your talents/skills can carry you in the field you wish to be in. However it seems that in this game for whatever reason it’s very easy to have no job and sustain a household by learning skills and selling creative items you make which is highly unlikely and very much a dream like ideal compared to the real world for a lot of people. If it was that easy many people would be self-employed.
In past games sometimes your career field wasn’t open when looking for a job and come crunch time with food and other needs you indeed like real life have to get a job in a field you have no interest in. Of course like real life you need some means to earn money to pay for bills and items/objects of necessity. However in the Sims 4 you find your job online as there is no newspaper. Honestly careers in this game is just an extension of your aspiration however it’s not required and has no actual detriment to your character if you even get a job or don’t.
I have currently three families playing with no jobs and they are staying roughly in the same money range or even gaining money and are able to provide money for food/bills/emergencies.

Me and  Friend living in the same house being creative derps and surviving the real life simulation of Sims 4.

Me and Friend living in the same house being creative derps and surviving the real life simulation of Sims 4.

Your Home

Of course before you have a job or find a job you need to make a house or buy one in order to move in and start the game. Pretty standard affair at least on the surface. In the Sims 4 you have two “worlds” of which to chose from. Once chosen you then can pick from a few pre-built homes that you can afford or if you will build a house from scratch. While messing around with this stuff I found it was almost impossible to make a house and furnish it with the twenty grand they give you at the start. You can never match the pre-builts and furnish them fully to the same extent. Your best option is to buy a pre-built, choosing the furnishing option and some how still leaving you with roughly three grand.

Roofs in this game are awkward but interesting D.I.Y. opposed to the automatic of earlier game sin the series.

Roofs in this game are awkward but interesting D.I.Y. opposed to the automatic placed roofs of earlier games in the series.

Back to the “worlds” (which is a poor word for them) they should rather be called Communities. Each community has a very limited number of empty lots (namely two), for a total between the current two communities: four. Most of the pre-built homes are too expensive for you to buy. For each current community you have roughly three/four pre-builts that you can afford. There are also community locations like in Sims 3 and Sims 2 (later on) however unlike those games in the Sims 4 you can not create your own or edit these ones. Not to mention that the communities are mostly featureless and you can not edit terrain other than color overlays even on your own home land…

First "world" of 2

First “world” of 2

The Sims 4 is such a big game and I have so much more to talk about so this is a review in progress and will be released in parts. And highly likely more than one more…

Stay tuned for the second part of this review in progress and look forward to more posts coming from us.


I have as of this post played this game for: 4+ hours.


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