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Mario Tennis is one great game and Jon and I felt it deserved mention for this inaugural event. Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 (N64) was developed by Camelot for Nintendo. In Japan this game is referred to as Mario Tennis 64, where as here in North America it’s just Mario Tennis. For me it is considered the first, however that isn’t true. The first Mario Tennis happens to be Mario Tennis for the Virtual Boy and it happens to be one of three Mario games to have been made and released for the Virtual Boy which we all know was a commercial failure.

Virtual boy Mario Tennis

Outside of the VB and N64, Mario Tennis as a series has continued on since then having games on the Game Boy and subsequent versions of Nintendo handhelds including a 2012 game for the Nintendo 3DS: Mario Tennis Open. The series has also continued on Consoles with a game on the GameCube which also saw a port of the GameCube game on the Wii.


However for us we’d have to say that Mario Tennis on the N64 was the most seminal of the series. It affected each subsequent iteration and in fact the same is true of Mario Golf for N64. Reasons being is that in both cases and the series thereafter were developed all by Camelot. The success of both Mario Tennis and Mario Golf on the N64 launched or re-launched both Mario in Tennis and Mario in Golf. The games are arcade versions of the sports and there for left room for more entertainment and broadening the prospective players. Good example would be how Jon willingly plays sports games as well as Tirc where as I (B.T.) am at best a fair weather player but I am very open to playing a Mario version of a sports game regardless of the sport…


Mario Tennis 64 and indeed the games that come after have each character being classed by their style and especially later given special moves. In the N64 game players can hit normally or smash hit which the tennis ball has a trail and glow much like that of an energy attack from Dragon Ball or DBZ. Much like real life the courts in this game have variances in bounce (from the ball) and whether it regains energy or loses it quicker. But the courts (again especially in games later) may have unique properties that are realistically not possible. Their themes may also be unrealistic but add a nice touch from the main series.

Gallick G-Tennis.....

Gallick G-Tennis…..

Mario Tennis is a great series and Mario Tennis 64 is still a playable game even after all these years and all of the newer games. With this post we wrap up Mario Week and will be returning to regular non-event posting. We all hope you have enjoyed this event and look forward to the next event: Horror Halloween Bash (October 25th-31st) as well as the events afterward. Thanks again to all of our fans!


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