ONS Gaming Remembers 9/11 – 2014


Another year, and again we remember. We will remember every year until we rest. Innocents lost, people just going through their day like every other day.  9/11 is a day of infamy. Terrorist didn’t win like they think they did and eventually they will learn you don’t hit a beehive with a stick. 9/11 wasn’t just an attack on America, but an attack on Capitalism, The Western World,  Freedom,  Numerous Religions and persons from all backgrounds. The terrorist may have believed they were doing good but any G*D regardless of which religion that worships and revers them would find such acts heinous. Attacking persons who are/maybe ignorant or ones who are not one of the flock but are otherwise decent human beings that share the Earth as home would not be deemed as a valid enemy or target.

9/11 Happened and it will not be forgotten. Those who died will not be forgotten…. However  the United States was not and never will be the only target, because that’s not how ignorant people who try to be in control of others with fear work. They work through means of blind loyalty and cowardice. If typical “American Machismo” is often hated because of the inherent arrogance and ignorance. Then note terrorism is the ultimate form of arrogance and ignorance.

“I don’t want you to live and so I will kill you because….” And no reason given is ever valid.

When a Terrorist exists they harm their target, their cause, and their own country.  It’s been stated here; love of your country it is a good thing. Respect for your country is also a good thing and defending your country when it is under physical attack is honorable. Terrorism, is terrorism it isn’t honorable, respectful, or a good thing. It doesn’t stem from love, respect, honor…

When we say we remember 9/11, we want you to know we also remember everyone who has lost their life unjustly and untimely because of a Terrorist’s actions. They attack every race, religion, sex, age; everyone. Not just America/United States/North America but every country on this planet. It is important everyone everywhere has a strong stance against violence towards persons and things they dislike or don’t understand. We are all Humans, and we all share this Earth.

– ONS Gaming

I want to make it clear that we are happy for the fans we have here in America and those that are overseas. It is pretty cool and exciting that we are viewed from all over the world. And every fan, regardless of where they come from, their religion, race, or sex is equally important and is individually awesome, and collectively awesome.
– B.T.


Jube innocens mortuis, requiescant in pace

May the innocent dead, rest in peace.
-ONS Gaming


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