Mario Week: Opener: Down the Warp Pipe



Down the Warp Pipe
Mario. For many Mario games were the door way into the fantastical realm of video games. Whether you played the first few in an arcade, played them on the Nintendo Entertainment System, if you came later and played the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or even later than that. Mario and the games with him are often (though not always) the first games a gamer will have played. The very least when you say Mario or speak on the games they are so big that even people who are not into video games or the industry will recognize and acknowledge Mario and his games.

The Mario games really started with the first Donkey Kong game(s). In fact both Mario and Donkey Kong have a long history together. The third game that Mario happened to be in is often considered the first true Mario game aptly called Mario Bros. For many people beyond the age of 20 [today] Mario games started at Super Mario Bros. on the NES and for those that are younger it started with Super Mario World on SNES or much later from games that are on the Nintendo 64/Game Cube/Wii.


In rare occasions some people will have played a Mario game first from a Nintendo hand held The games for the original Game Boy were initially strange; Alleyway which was a Breakout clone with Mario apparently controlling the paddle/bar like spaceship was kind of out of place even compared to the other jobs Mario has had or his favorite sports. And of course the first “true” Mario game on the Game Boy was just as weird; Super Mario Land.

A few gamers today will complain that there are too many games of Mario. And while there are a lot of Mario games there is the factor to consider that most Mario games are enjoyable and fun. They are at least of considerable quality and they don’t always lose “newer” ideas going forward from game to game. Of the respective series that Mario is in there is always a sense of nostalgia while they do try to add things.

Whether you love him or hate him, enjoy the games or considered them a passing fad when they first arrived we here at ONS Gaming welcome you to our Mario Week!



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