ONS Gaming News: 08/31/14





Hey everyone B.T. here, just wanting to give a quick shout out to everyone. This year’s Zelda Week, went well despite some hiccups mostly on my part some of which was not for told). I was hoping to have two videos for the event but was only able to produce the Sooo Haxx video, of which I felt was pretty good with time ratio/quality.  The Second video will (previously stated) become a stand alone video in regards to Zelda 2 and will be of the main series I will be actively working on with serious amounts of time going into script and filming, and of course editing.

Strictly speaking this years Zelda week went over three times better than the previous year! This month alone has almost reached the same number of views as our first five months! I know right! It is beyond exciting and it’s all thanks to all of our supporters and our visitors thank you all. August of course starts the first month in our second year and this year we are working on bringing more value across the board for our site. As some of you may have seen we have increased our websites value with the new design/layout of which seems to be more accessible and liked. We’re working on some more pages, segment types as well as a few new events one of which is coming up early in September: Mario Week which starts on September 10th and ends on the 16th. As the name implies it will be all about Mario games, and not just the main series of games but the off shoot games as well.

I know this is a common thing for me/ us to do which is to talk about how we are going to increase x or y, but we really are. Some of the content is coming in ways of exclusives to certain avenues of this site and so you may all want to follow us not only here but on our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as well.

For Tumblr, tumblr mini’s will be making their way back to tumblr. Tumblr Mini’s were small (hence the word minis) review, talk, or even poem related posts of a game or gaming concept. While they wont be an everyday occurrence they were uniquely made up for our tumblr as they once were. Initially all three have or shared the same basic template and as we go forward those templates will be designed for each kind.

Tumblr Poetic Mini

Tumblr Poetic Mini

For the site as far as pages; a Vlog Center page where you can find all our vlog’s will call that place home, so if you missed where they were initially posted you can find them there. Another page that has been in the works is an Extra Extra page where you can find bonus materials in regards to posts, I can’t give out much info on that page as it’s still far away from being published. Another page will be a Podcast page, hosting potentially two different kinds of Podcasts as well as one-off casts. These three aren’t the only ones that are currently in the works…

Some new events will be coming out in this second year that will become yearly events one such as the Mario Week for September, another coming in January which will be about Final Fantasy games, and at least two to three mini events that will also occur. More events will most likely be added that will occur more so after January of 2015.

As for Facebook and Twitter some more actual engagement and questions  will occur and maybe even exclusives in similar fashion of tumblr mini”s could find themselves on respective .

Well I hope you all look forward to all of this content and more that we are working on and we will see you all in September!


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