Zelda Week 2: Water Dungeons pt2.





Water Dungeons Part 2…. A slippery slope…


Last year in the Zelda Weeks closer we as ONSGaming did a massive collaborative post talking about the child dungeons and three of the temples from Ocarina of Time. While Tirc talked about the three kid dungeons, Jon talked about his favorite Temple the Forest Temple, and JP talked about his favorite the Fire Temple, I talked about the Water Temple, the next temple in line and my least favorite temple from Ocarina of Time.


This is an excerpt from my portion of the post:

No, I have always had problems with water temples. I mesh just as well with video game water temples or dungeons just like oil meshes with water. Realistically, most games that have a sewers level or a water dungeon/temple they always frustrate me… Sunken Plane mini dungeon on FF7… yep tough for me… Sewer level in Legends of Legia: Dual Saga… frustrating! The water temple from Legends of Zelda: Link to the Past, annoying. Hey what about the Jabu-Jabu dungeon in Ocarina of Time (Water dungeon as kid link) why, dear god why!? It’s almost down right sad at how inept I am at water levels in games and not just the Zelda ones. It’s like I always find myself lost in the maze of sh*t stained goop covered walls or lock myself in a room where the only way to get out is bash my head into the wall until everything’s blank…

Click here to go to the previous years post.

Click here to go to the previous years post.

The issues:

While it is true they all are frustrating and some are annoying, last year I didn’t quite explain fully as to why they are. Many gamers know that Ocarina’s Water Temple was one of the worst dungeons to ever have been in a Zelda game and most likely holds contention for the top three worst water based dungeons from any game. Frankly speaking even gamers who haven’t played Ocarina of Time know about the Water Temple and it’s horrors.

For one, water based dungeons always have water based puzzles which shouldn’t necessarily or outright place them in the B.T.’s hate list and technically it doesn’t. The issue with water based puzzles is a typical factor where a typically lengthy dungeon is then doubled or tripled in size/scope  with water level displacement. With water level displacement such as the kind taking place in the Ocarina Water Temple creates a lot of back tracking which is a hated concept in gaming today.

Some nitpicks: water dungeons are often unrealistic, there’s almost always too much light or it’s inappropriate light sources in such a place that is so wet. When it comes to sewers few games make it apparent that it is a sewer. Rarely does it reek to high heaven tot he point you musts top your journey afterwards to shower/bathe. On top of that most sewers don’t have appropriate monsters that give you diseases. There are some who have least tried to convey this, but since everything in real sewers can lead to numerous diseases; everything should give you something making you want to get out as fast as possible, besides who wants to wade around in pooh water looking for something from a chest that covered in slime and grime?

Deadly poisonous pooh water.

Deadly poisonous pooh water.

Water Dungeons are just… why would you want to go in them even though you have too… many other kinds of dungeons you would want to go in there just to go in there, too look around and find loot but water dungeons are a no, no you don’t want too. But like last year Water dungeons aren’t just a Zelda game series thing they are in numerous games; from Zelda to World of Warcraft to Minecraft to Final Fantasy’s and so on. They even end up in table top games! How sad.

Sewer Shark

Sewer Shark



Tabletop Gaming

Tabletop Gaming


In some games you have to have them because of the whole elemental sphere kind of elements going on in the game, fire/earth/wind/water and some where is captain planet. Will I ever find a water based dungeon that I like or can accept…? probably not.




Unfortunately the Zelda 2 video has had to be postponed and will debut soon, I didn’t want to put out sub par compared to what I’ve recently been able to do so its been held back… It will debut as Episode 1 for B.T. Adventures, without the Zelda Week Title but will still be associated to the week for obvious reasons.



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