Zelda Week 2: ONS Gaming Chronicles- Favorite Non-Link Character

Chronicles of ONS Gaming

Question: Who is your favorite non-link character and why?



Tirc:  Link’s Uncle (Alfon) – He is what gets the story going in my favorite Zelda game – A Link to the Past. You get his sword and shield as your first weapon/shield and he teaches you how to spin attack just prior to dying after you follow him in the middle of the night. He fondly remembers your time together before uttering his last words with his last breaths “Save the princess… Zelda is your… … …”
Links Uncle--article_image



B.T. : Saria from Ocarina of Time ….   I played OoT heavily because I had an n64 I didn’t always have the Super Nintendo and our copy of Link to the Past was lost to the past so I played OoT. I played it at such a time when I was moved from what I knew to a place not so familiar. In the game Saria was Link’s best friend from childhood. She also ironically was they only one of the Kokiri who still knew who Link is after he ages and time skips seven years into the future. All of the other Kokiri didn’t know who adult link was, why he wore dress similar to there’s, or how an outsider knew where they were.

This bit made me think of a common video gaming motif when it comes to use of a powerful or emotive story telling device that targets a players emotions with loss and loss of identity. These two concepts work well because everyone has lost something, whether it was a family member or a friend to death, a favorite item or dress or did they lose support or friendship. When I moved to a different county I lost friendships; Link who lost almost all of his friends from childhood but he still had one whom he could depend on. A true friend and in Ocarina of Time one who would go on to be a sage of the realm.

I too felt a bond with Link in that regards, as time went on friendships waned, they tend to do this, and yet I still kept one from my childhood that’s worth holding onto.






Jon : The Happy Mask Salesman. There’s something dark about him that MM never touched upon. Plus his facial expressions were hilarious.






Noodle: My favorite is Midna… because she is different than most of  link’s other companions and other npcs. She was some times funny and sometimes  mean and she had more of her own character development along the way than most other second or ancillary characters.




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