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Rise of the Tomb Raider

Recently the gaming community has been abuzz with numerous news coming out one of which deals with the sequel to the 2013 reboot of Lara Croft series; Tomb Raider. The Rise of the Tomb Raider  was recently announced as an Xbox 1 exclusive. To which numerous fans out-lashed towards the creators of the reboot and ‘thanked’ them for being so greedy and blatantly lying on their website. However while some of us may understand where the fans are coming some of the heat is misplaced. Any notices on the exclusivity was as broad as possible because if its only for  a short time it will not help Microsoft with their console.

So it had to be revealed that it is a timed exclusive due to the rage everyone on the internet has had. Often times the people are called Sony Fan-Boys, or general fanboyism is declared but that’s not right nor fair. The claims generally aren’t crying that its not on the PlayStation 4 but the fact the reboot was initially a multi-platform game to it being potentially sold on a single console; that which is indeed a blatant slap in the face of the fans on other systems other than the Xbox.

However a major issue is the fact of the matter it was the publisher Sony who sold the exclusivity to Microsoft; either literally or by allowing Microsoft to purchase the time exclusivity. So what is the real problem with this situation? The fact that the game industry can be harmed by over zealousness. Its okay and certainly fine to have strong feelings over games, consoles, and the game industry it’s all good. Heck everyone at ONS Gaming has their favorites and preferred but we strive to be professional and attempt to be as unbiased as possible and welcoming. And nothing and we mean nothing is more unwelcoming than ignoring another’s opinions and chalking it up to “fanboyism”.


Virtual Couch coming to your PS4

A different and interesting recent buzzing news is that from Gamescon; specifically the Share Play feature that is upcoming to PlayStation 4. Share Play is in Sony’s words a “Virtual Couch” wherein if a friend doesn’t have a game but both are PlayStation plus members then the other player who has the multiplayer game can invite the other person into the game. If single player, the second player shares the game screen and can take over for the other player.

Share Play is a blatant slap in of itself at the publishers of the gaming industry but is actually to the betterment of the game industry or rather the gamers. Unlike sharing physical  copies or buying them from GameStop/flea markets and etc instead a person gets to play a game until they can buy the game officially, they can try games out to see if they would like to own them or for instances such as military or family that has moved people can still connect and play together.

This upcoming feature plus other features by Sony for the system is in their efforts attempting to truly be opening and welcoming towards players new and old. Where as Microsoft’s Xbox 1 has been trying showcase games, and exclusivity of IP’s. Both are sound business ideas and currently PlayStation is “winning” but nobody here thinks the Xbox 1 is defeated. Consoles don’t typically hit their stride within the first year, second and sometimes even their third, so we have a good time until we can see who “wins”.


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