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I’m back, after a week of vacation of which I’ve scored some cool game loot while away but that’s not why I’m happy or the news I wish to share. Some of you know that today ONSGaming has turned 1! ONSGaming has been officially around for one year on this day: 08/08/2014. It is incredibly exciting to see grow from day one to where we are now, I hope that all of you will continue on with us and be here this time next year.  For those of you who are still unsure if you should subscribe to us and our mediums, allow me to suggest that you do. We will always continue to strive towards being better and giving you more information and entertainment, as well as we care and look forward to the opinions of our viewership as well as want to hear suggestions or requests.

I can promise you we will continue and grow and improve, because as Robert Collier put it; “Success is the sum of small efforts – – repeated day in and day out.”

And now for an interesting DPG look at  Fantasy Golf Pangya:


Fantasy Golf Pangya or as I refer to it as: Super Pangya Super Golf Times Fantasy for PSP… (because I’m an idiot).  Fantasy Golf Pangya is an arcade golf game, I mean that should be pretty clear with golf in the name but as we all know the Scottish invented it but they call it goff…[thank you Caddyshack] so sometimes people forget the subtle differences and may make the differences between golf and this hard to understand. However unlike other “golf” games, or unlike the most commonly compared to game: Hot Shots Golf; Fantasy Golf Pangya is unique with it’s art and aesthetics of anime. The game isn’t actually golf but something different as well that adds in a quirky story and weird magical additions among other things.


But then again this isn’t a typical golf game but a Pangya sports game (hah we fooled you….kind of..), and if you don’t know the differences yet (hint hint its weird, strange, quirky and has magical and anime characters/stereotypes) then I don’t think you will be able to play and win at this game. Trust me on this I should know.

I am so pouting right now....

I am so pouting right now….

In Pangya you play Pangya in an alternative dimension full of pangya, with money called pang and a lot of people shout pang-ya; and the game itself is a recreation of an actual event that the hero from the past used to defeat a dark lord and save Pangya. So what this game is saying is you come from Earth to play Pangya on Pangya to honor Pangya. Pangya? I think.

I told you the story was weird, while playing the game the present day story is beyond quirky. And it is full of Asian culture tidbits that someone who watches anime and enjoys such things wont be off put by them, such as the little girls who look like preteens but are actually closer to adulthood if they aren’t adults yet and other oddities such as overly cute things.


There are of course anime stereotypes such as Scout: the almost bland-like, white-knight, completely oblivious of things such as feelings- every guy boy character and the overly emotional, isn’t in love with/but is/but isn’t /but is with the every guy character, and is also some what oblivious to challenges… the every girl character: Hana

Scout... he is also blue haired... another stereotype

Scout… he is also blue haired… another stereotype

As for controls they are fairly simplistic and akin to often compared to golf games: aim by directional buttons (or joystick/s) then button press and button press again to control power and take the shot. Because the controls are a genre standard anyone who has played a golf game in the last five to ten years will be able to pick up this game. Great.


However there are some failings specifically for me, the Rubber Band Ai. This game is so infuriating. On one hole the computer could be hitting their ball into the water or into a mountain/hill and bogey out (give up due to high stroke limit) on the next they will get a birdie or better. And some how draw the next hole or two causing you to lose those holes and probably the round. Yeah that’s right if you draw the round you lose… there’s no tie breaker like in real golf but it’s okay this isn’t golf its Pangya the most infuriating version of golf I’ve ever played.

I have put this game down no less than thirty times since Jon from here has given me this game as a gift. Despite this huge flaw for me  the others are the graphics of which aren’t an issue for me they make me think of hotshots golf with anime golfers… There is however a long wait with the initial load of a round which is annoying but between holes its not noticeable and isn’t a major issue. (Unless of course you just lost the round 5 times in a row due to our neighborly and friendly rubber band Ai-man.)

Fortunately this game has multiple modes besides the story yet they suffer from the rubber-band Ai, but with enough equipment and magical items you can usually win, usually… This game is worth playing honestly even if you’re drunk but more so if you like anime, Asian culture, golf, or learning about weird sports/pseudo sports like Pangya or Quidditch. It’s cute, its quirky and infuriating…


They have a bear...a polar bear as a playable character but not a Panda..... inexcusable!! ARGH!

They have a bear…a polar bear as a playable character but not a Panda….. inexcusable!!


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