Indie Corner: Game & Review : Banished




Indie Corner: Game and Review: BANISHED!

Welcome back everyone to the Indie Corner: Game and Review. To be honest I wanted to make this one the first ever half video half text post for ONS Gaming however every time I attempted to record myself playing the game that I’m talking about today the video was always black and only the audio was recorded. Now before you bash me for being a moron I did try more than one recording program in fact I used three different ones, of which one has three different ways to record… So all five methods were used and the same outcome was black screen and only audio recorded. Strange.
Even more so strange but true with the one program open and running when I went and started a new village the randomly generated village name was Review… wish I had a screen shot but  anyways let’s get into the game!


Banished is a strategic and survival city building and management game for the PC. This game is available through steam, good old games, humble bundle and of course through the developers own website. This game was developed by Shining Rock Software, which encompasses just one worker – Luke Hodorowicz.


The purpose of you the player with this game is to rebuild society as you have been banished; or you have left your homeland (and are now banished) to rebuild because… well no reason is ever given in fact a lot of people have complained about this but I personally like this. Because ultimately you dictate why you were banished, you make the story up because what’s central to the game isn’t the why, but are you and can you survive, and this game doesn’t trivialize that.
Most games give you some room to mess up however Banished doesn’t; it doesn’t hold your hand even though there are short tutorial as well as notes. You will experience pain playing this game… Even if you play the game on easy and without disasters your town is tentative and may end if you don’t equally micro and macro manage the <expletive> of it.

There are numerous ways to challenge yourself, and limit yourself if you so wish or if you are going after achievements. Though again you don’t need to limit yourself because the game can be rather brutal. I can’t count the numerous villages that are now ghost towns due to the oversights I’ve made when poorly managing them. If it’s not the brutal cold… if it’s not a horrible fire, tornado, disease, or even old age then it’s because I (or you) suck at micro managing. When your low on a certain needed resource you will get half glass (less than a quarter honestly) notification, and likewise when you’re running out of room to store items or supplies you with get a glass that’s almost full, which are nice touches.

This game isn’t complete, Shining Rock Software is continuously working on the game fixing bugs and adding small things, recently a mod kit has been in development as well as working on software issues to allow ease of downloads (updates). Even still at its current version (1.0.3) it’s certainly fun. If your into RTS, city management, building games, or simulators then you probable will enjoy though there’s a learning curve but once you get the basics down and always continuously build homes to allow growth its rather fun. Pick it up/ Get it on Steam, Good Old Games, Humble Bundle, or Shining Rock Software for yourself!


I hope there isn't a bridge troll...

I hope there isn’t a bridge troll… from the old world…

I have as of this post played this game for: 10+ hours.

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