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HEXTCG/Hex/Hex: Shards & B.T.’s back stories:
For those of you who don’t yet know; Hex is the very first MMOTCG of its kind. It is a complete card based battle and trading game that is solely a virtual/online game. The game is made by Cryptozoic Entertainment; a veteran of the Board and Card game Industry. Cryptozoic Entertainment had taken over the World of Warcraft TCG from Upper Deck Entertainment and is often considered the company’s flagship card game.
While we mention “veteran” I have to say I myself have played a few board, table and card games although not as much as say Jon who would be the resident “master” of that stuff who has played in legit game tournaments. Whereas I however have only played card games either between friends, or in small round robin tournaments within school clubs. So then arises what were the primary games that I played? Well I played the games at or around the times you would presume that I did.
I played Pokémon when I was a kid when it came out, I played Magic the Gathering loosely shortly after Pokémon though as my brother pointed out I didn’t have the patience for; but not only as a kid did I not have the patience but the fact I always was screwed- I didn’t have the patience nor strategic understanding to make my decks my brother had to help me and so he could easily beat me by knowing the base strategy I was using. And when you lose every game you don’t have fun least not as a kid.



I would return to Magic years later of course, the real game I played next was Yu-Gi-Oh! as an early teen of which I continued on for some time even as I got back into Magic as well as playing the W.o.W TCG, while these aren’t the only card games I played they are the ones I played the most of. So when people and even Wizards of the Coast say it’s Magic the Gathering re-skinned. I can say while it is similar it’s also dissimilar; to be honest it is similar to other games as well but it’s new, it’s different. Plus, I feel like W.o.C is just trying to slow or stop this game because they didn’t do it first… (A discussion for another time…)


With the back stories done let’s get to what you all want to know. I recently received a gift from my older brother. He (Tirc) gave me a closed beta key to the Hex TCG so I am happily able to play it with him, and finally able to play a card game together with him seriously. While I haven’t played much as of it as say him yet I did buy some packs and looked at the various cards and even got a tutorial from Tirc and played a few matches.



Fascinating as it was a lot of the game was easy for me to grasp within seconds because of playing so many different kinds of card games. So for anyone who enjoys any of the games I said above you may like this game and should most definitely try it out when open beta occurs!
In addition to the easy to grasp concepts, I really like the card art it varies and yet all ties together. I hope that it continues on to tie together as expansions come out unlike many other card games. There is with the cards a variety of creatures and race groups while things you expect to see that are common place also exist like Orcs and Elves and Humans. There seems to be a group that any one kind of person or player could enjoy and I like that. To be honest there is far more in terms of card races than I presumed with it having been the first of its kind, but due to the fact there is so much in way of cards they haven’t implemented the PVE, yes I said PVE in addition to the normal stuff one can expect from a card game they are making dungeons and other things that PVE entails.

While some mobile games have “dungeons” there isn’t any art to the dungeon aspects, it is really more cards, with Hex I feel like I can at least get some interesting back ground art compared to the mobile games and I mean look at the background art when you login and are just relaxing in game…


There is so much detailed art in this game, from cards, to menus to backgrounds.


Overall, I’d have to say this game is worth any card game player’s attention, as well as anyone who doesn’t have the time, or the space or money for a traditional card game but wants to get into one. It has more depth than a mobile card game, and has the traditional feel like actual physical card games. As always you will need to make up your mind when it comes to this game but I highly recommend playing it as it does have several advantages. If you can’t tell from these few paragraphs well then my first impressions are that this game is good and worth time, not just mine but yours too.

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