ONS Gaming Remembers the Normandy Landings


ONS gaming Remembers Operation Overlord June 6th, 1944… Many of you will recall it as the most famous D-Day ever to occur. The Normandy Landings which spelled the beginning of the end of WW2. It may have been considered back then that had this operation failed the Allies may have lost the war. It’s however true that had it failed the war would have been very, very different… whether or not the Allies would/could have won or not.

But let’s not dwell on the what ifs… as we are remembering D-Day we want it known that we thank all of the soldiers that served our country in a time of great need [and of course those that will]. But as well we all take our respective hats off and stand silent and bowed in respect to all the soldiers that died in their duty in this battle and indeed all of the World Wars and every war prior and past; may they rest in peace.


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