Memorial Racing Weekend: ONS Gaming Chronicles



Question: What is your favorite vehicle related game type and why?



JP: my favorite type of racing game is a toss up between combat racing and arcade racers. i love combat racing games but so few combat racing games actually have a decent / viable combat system so I’m going to have to go with arcade racers. I have personally been playing racing games as long as i can remember and games such as need for speed and burnout have a special place in my heart. I’m not completely opposed to racing simulators but arcade racers give you that feeling of bad assery cause you can plow into a corner and pull a drift at 90+ miles per hour where as in a racing sim you have to control the throttle a lot more and i just find myself not enjoying it as much. There are also a lot of things like car damage is normally only for fun in arcade racers where as in sims it hurts the performance of the car plus you normally have to pay for the repair. I also enjoy the customization in arcade racers more especially in games such as midnight club where there are so many customization options that literally no two cars will ever look exactly the same and in sims a lot of the time you end up with a body kit you like the look of less because it has better aerodynamic qualities. Finally one thing that almost no sims have is a free roam mode in my opinion sometimes a good free roam can make or break a racing game because sometimes I don’t want to race sometimes i just feel like BSing around in my car and jumping off ridiculous ramps or plowing the construction sites.



Jon: I like the Twisted Metal series, and also was a fan of Vigilante 8. While I respect simulation games, they’re too intricate for me to get into. If I liked cars I’d probably like them a little more. The most interesting vehicle game I ever played was Hydro Thunder, and an honorable mention goes to Sled Storm. But Hydro Thunder was awesome because I love boats. So I guess anything nautical related would be the answer to the question (Wave Race included).



Tirc: I like simulation racers the best. Gran Turismo is my favorite racing series of all time. I also enjoyed Forza as well but I only ever played the first one. Gran Turismo 2 is probably my most played racing game ever. I could play that game for hours on end. It didn’t hurt that I was in high school at the time that it came out, so I had a lot of spare time to play it. Making minor tweaks to your car as you earned credits as well as having a ton of cars in the different classes of races was a lot of fun. I would usually have one car in each class that was dominating. I also like racers with an arcade feel as well. Need for speed and Burnout games are always fun to play.




B.T.: My favorite vehicle game type and why… I would have to say Vehicle Combat games be they open world or battle arenas. I like Twisted Metal, and the several similar copies that were made around the time Twisted Metal became huge. I enjoy the Star Wars version of Twisted Metal called Demolition in fact its better than Twisted Metal. Aside from Twisted Metal there are favored games such as Battle Tanx and Seek and Destroy where the battle arena multiplayer modes of the games are better and more enjoyable then the main story of the game. But I choose this as my favorite mostly because of the varying situations that can come about while playing these kinds of games, where strategies and other things come into play more so than in the other vehicle based games.
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