Chronicles of ONS Gaming- Favorite Weapons




Chronicle Question: What is one of your favorite weapons to use in games? Is it a weapon only found in one game or series or is it a group/classification of weapons found in many? Why is it your choice?





B.T. – I have two favorites: number one being a sniper rifle while my favorite rifle currently differs on the game in question I’m playing, if the game has a sniper rifle I always try to get it as soon as I can and keep it as long as I can. I always preferred to take out enemies from a long distance maybe because they tend to be zombies but it also takes skill in long shooting any fool can use a sub-machine gun point blank… However, that’s not the only reason I like sniper rifles the other reason and just as equally important is that it’s a great support weapon and since in the chaos of close combat my skills are lacking and not comparable to my friends or my bro I always like to be able to be the support shadowing the group. In games like Call of Duty, a sniper over watch can often protect allies; and defend bases or in general just making the enemy time and time again pay for not being coordinated. And that means strategy and I love games that allow you to use strategy and win over potentially stronger or “better” enemies albeit un-organized and unprepared. If we’re talking about favorite melee weapon well then I would go with the katana my number two favorite weapon. I’m huge into martial arts and I thoroughly enjoy swords in the many facets that they come in. They all have their unique styles associated with them but the katana much like the sniper rifle is a precision beast. It’s not there for hacking and slashing over and over but making quick, methodical and (once again) precision strikes taking out the enemy efficiently. Though its not a simple hit with a European blade and it snaps… the katana is durable thanks to the method of which it is constructed as well as flexible making ti a far more finesse and skill weapon than other swords. Don’t get me wrong if a katana isn’t available but another sword is then that sword would be chosen in melee instances (especially Lightsabers).


Sniper Rifle








Jon-  My favorite weapon to use in games is a spear. If they are selectable I will almost always use one. Swords are so overplayed, but you can create a truly unique sword very easily, compared to a spear. As for why I pick them, I think it’s mostly due to mock sword fighting with B.T. and he made me a staff/spear-ish weapon out of some sort of pliable material. It was neat, I don’t own it any more because it scrapped when my basement flooded years ago. Oddly enough, most of my favorite video game characters use them. Kain from FFIV, Lavitz/Albert from Legend of Dragoon, and Cid from FFVII.



Albert ~ Legend of Dragoon



Pang Tong ~ Dynasty Warriors/Romance of the Three Kingdoms





JP-  Pretty much any futuristic gun because it’s normally some kind of badass energy weapon or something that causes a big boom. Or you can have the best of both worlds with red factions “napalm laser”!






Lots of Guns, more modern the better…


Better than modern? Futuristic guns like this bad guy here; the Napalm Laser…






Tirc- I don’t have an overwhelming favorite weapon, more of a style of weapon. Dual wielding. I can dual wield anything in any game ever and I will love it. Dual wielding guns in call of duty, dual wielding weapons in fantasy games (swords, axes, etc…) really just anything. Now that I am writing this I am starting to have an overwhelming feeling of what the best weapon to dual wield in any game so it may be the answer of my favorite weapon of all time. Light Sabers. There is nothing more badass then dual wielding light sabers. Unless you are General Grievous and you have 4… Holy hell.



Tirc Duel Wielding Pistols ~ C.o.D


Dual Lightsabers, certifiably the coolest thing any force user could do or use* Okay maybe not but they are bad ass, no denying that!





Noodle-  For me I like bows and guns in games, no particular one that I can think of though. I like them because I have a connection to them in real life. I’ve gotten into archery and I’ve gained the nickname of “Dead-eye” from my family when it comes to my accuracy shooting guns/ talent hitting targets. WoW, Skyrim, Tera, and Guild Wars 2 are my favorite games to play with long range weapon manipulating classes.



Even cuddly Ewoks can be fierce with bows and arrows.





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