Star Wars Week: The Force Unleashed 1&2

Star Wars Week: The Force Unleashed





First let me wish all our loyal viewers a happy star wars day! may the fourth be with you. in today’s post I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite games series of all time “The Force Unleashed”. This game was a huge milestone in the franchise for several reasons, the most notable being how it completely redefined the “limits” of the force. But it also filled in an important time gap as well as explained what happened to some of the Jedi Masters that were previously unaccounted for after order 66. First and foremost this is the game star wars fans have always deserved.

The first Force Unleashed game was completely mind blowing coming out only a few years after the ps3 it still stands as one of the most advanced games of that generation. The story was amazing and you had the feeling of a true bad ass with your amazing control over the force. One thing I think is often overlooked in this game is the very first mission where you play as Vader; this level is not only key because it sets up the story but it’s also very important in showing the player the true power of Vader and that no matter how strong “Star Killer” gets he’ll never surpass Vader. The game also features several other key features such as a list of color crystals to choose from as well as an arsenal of “power Crystals” that give your saber or sometimes even you force abilities a little extra kick. That all stacked on a talent tree where you can spend upgrade points and special Holocrons on upgrading or gaining force abilities and saber combos. The only feature I feel this game could have had that it didn’t was a light/dark meter like in Knights of the Old Republic. I also loved the fact that the “easy” setting on this game really was easy it was nearly impossible to die and I feel that something like that is quintessential for a lore based game like this because you’re going to have diehard star wars fans who don’t really play video games that may want to play this just for the lore behind the game. The final thing I want to touch base on with the first game is the downloadable content. In today’s gaming world the market is flooded with “map packs” and “multiplayer skins” and I’m getting so sick of seeing that and this is one of the few games that truly adds additional (Story) game content via DLC. With three DLC levels that are well worth their money this game will keep you entertained for quite some time.

The Force Unleashed 2 continued to offer the same mind blowing force destruction and features as the first one but this time around the main character duel wielded his light sabers and I must say that the choreography for that was absolutely amazing. They also worked hard on making the targeting system work a little better making things like force throwing objects a much more viable way to kill an enemy. That being said however this game had A LOT of short comings when compared to its predecessor. Most notably only really having 4 levels. Now I know that technically this game has more than four levels but there are only four locations you visit and if you’re like me I’d rather spend a little time on multiple planets like in the first Force Unleashed game. To put it in perspective the DLC for the first one was almost longer than the second game entirely. Which brings me to my next point which is that this game only had one DLC level so first you’re going to take 60 bucks from us for what felt like thrown together DLC for the first one then you’re not even really going to even try to give us additional content? The other thing that truly bothered me about this game was the story in general ( SPOILER ALERT). The story didn’t feel like it naturally fit into the Star Wars story like the first game. Because you’re playing as a clone of the original character and the whole game is centered around finding “captain Juno Eclipse” so there’s no real room for plot twists and things of that nature all in all the entire story for this game felt rushed and just thrown together so they could get the game in production and make a quick buck. If it wasn’t for the intense action and combat of the series this game would have been a complete failure.
All in all though I truly love the Force Unleashed series and I hope to see it continued. Because the game is Truly centered around showing the force as a raw powerful force, future games in the series wouldn’t even necessarily have to take place in the same time period. I’d love to see one based in the Old Republic era or even the Legacy era. Either way though this game/series will always be one of my favorites.



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