Star Wars Week: Game Perception SW Republic Commando

Game Perception: Star Wars Republic Commando
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Star Wars will always be close to my heart. Republic Commando was an amazing game in the Star Wars franchise playing as a first person shooter and taking place from the first battle of the clone wars up until the invasion of the Wookie home world of Kashyyyk. This game boasted many impressive features from its ground breaking graphics (given the time period it was released in) to its amazing squad controls. This game truly made you feel as though you where a clone commando in the grand army of the republic.

Perception 1: Setting
The game starts with a short intro level on Kamino where you learn the controls and back story of your unit and is followed by Geonosis, during the first battle of the clone wars, Then a lost republic cruiser about a year into the Clone Wars, and finally onto Kashyyyk approximately 2 years into the clone wars. it’s nice to have multiple locations in the game because you don’t get tired of seeing the same scenery over and over again and personally I wish they had made the levels shorter and added more planets to visit. I’m just glad however that they didn’t stick with their original plan of having the whole game take place on one day on the planet Geonosis even though the game was amazing I don’t think I would have enjoyed it nearly as much had I been stuck on the same planet the entire game.

Perception 2: Game play and Mechanics
This game has very advanced mechanics especially given its time period. Starting with its advanced squad control which spreads from “breach and clear” maneuvers to setting up sniper and mortar positions even as far as reviving you or another squad member and it all works rather flawlessly and reminds me very much of the squad control abilities in the much later title “Rainbow six: Vegas”. The health system is also rather advanced as well, Republic Commando boast a Halo-esque health system providing you with an over shield that regenerates while not taking damage but you’re actual health can only be restored at certain points throughout the game via “Bacta stations”. As fun as this game is however I do not recommend this game to novice or inexperienced players of the First person shooter genre the combat gets very dicey at times and you have to remain semi conservative with your ammo especially near the beginning of the game.

Perception 3: Story (spoilers)
As I mentioned earlier the game spans most of the clone wars and all but one of the levels is linked directly to events that happened in the movies which is a really nice touch cause it makes you feel more in touch with the events of the clone wars. There were also brief appearances from movie characters such as general Grievous, Jedi master Yoda, and the Wookie leader Tarful which took you one step closer to feeling like you made a difference in the clone wars. The enemies you fight where rather nice as well you weren’t just fighting boring battle droids the whole time but Geonosians and even Trandosians and don’t even get me started on the dreaded spider droids. My only real complaints with the enemies are there wasn’t a wide enough verity of droids and more importantly there weren’t any new models or anything (except the spider droid being slightly different then it was in the movie). I do however feel as though the game was too short even though it was a long game. That is mostly due to the fact that the locations you visit are so few. so even though you’re in one location for a long time it doesn’t feel like you accomplished much because you spent the last hour on one objective cause the level was so long as opposed to having slightly shorter missions with more locations and more objectives. All in all the story was ok there wasn’t too much story written for the game itself because most of the game was based off events that happened in the movies, and it was really irritating that the game ended in a cliff hanger but at least the game didn’t conflict with other events of the time period like so many other things have.

Perception 4: Graphics
So many shooters during the days on the PS2 and Xbox where just terrible or completely unplayable because they looked terrible and half the time you couldn’t even tell what you where shooting at but this game was no joke when it came to graphics. republic commando easily had to be one of the best looking games of that generation.

Perception 5: Overall

Overall Republic Commando is a fun game that shows a few of the “behind the scenes” moments of the events that took place in Star Wars episode 2 and Episode 3. I would highly recommend this game to any Star Wars fan who has some skill with shooter games or even someone who loves shooter and just wants to try a game that’s a bit challenging. but to you novice shooter players out there who want to try this game good luck and may the force be with you!


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