What the Gaming: Yoshi’s jazz club and Update from Jon




For the record, I discourage doing a WTG and counting it as a post, but considering I’m combining it with an update on me and my personal project, I consider them both half a post and therefore, a whole post in and of itself. I’m a big music buff, so as I was perusing my usual selection of jazz, hip hop and soul and I came across this little album title.

Turns out Yoshi has a side business

Turns out Yoshi has a side business

Well, so a little bit of research showed that Yoshi the Dinosaur does not indeed own a jazz club. They are actually a restaurant out in California that happens to have a jazz club, and that’s where the album was recorded, however the idea of Yoshi owning a jazz club was a funny thought in itself.

Yoshi is a cool cat...dinosaur...thing...

Yoshi is a cool cat…dinosaur…thing…

If you’re interesting in checking out the real Yoshi’s Club, click the image below.

Yoshis Main Logo

In Oakland and San Francisco!


Now then, that brings us to the second part of the post. Everyone here has their own sort of thing. BT does videos (which we all try to help with), JP has his achievement guide, and Tirc does a lot of WoW oriented stuff. I’m going to be doing my own page, which will be dedicated to reviewing video game soundtracks (and other video game music stuff that aren’t exactly game soundtracks). I’d do it right now, but my basement is being worked on and my set-up requires my desktop rather than my laptop which I’ve been using these past few weeks.

My set up is as follows (for the curious)

Headphones: AKG K701

DAC: Schiit Modi

Amp: Schiit Magni

All of these are great bang for the buck, especially the Schiit products which are nearly unmatched when it comes to that price/quality sweet spot. If you’re interested in what these are, feel free to leave comments below. Once my basement is completed I plan on starting with one of my favorite soundtracks, Final Fantasy IX. And play more games, of course.

Other than that, I hope all of our readers have a happy Easter and enjoy the warmer weather!


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