One Sentence Gaming Volume 4











It’s time,  it’s been a long while since a One Sentence Gaming has occurred here on ONS Gaming and again true to our words we’re bringing back the oldies; the goods, the classics, the vintage things that make us, us…  Now to be honest I’m not nearly as good with these as Jon but I wanted to try again I thought I did well in Volume 3, and so hopefully you’ll enjoy this one too!

For this One Sentence Gaming, I decided to stick to a series of games that were all similar related, in that they were military based being a part of history that I always loved to study and always love to play.







Seek & Destroy~ Tanks take on tanks in a fictional tank world much like a tank world before world of tanks…before time.






Homefront~ Like the 1984 Red Dawn movie except Koreans not Russians, and slightly better than the 2012 Red Dawn movie.






AC04: The Shattered Skies~ Take an aircraft crammed with an unrealistic amount of explosives while attempting to save your country from a super weapon of mass destruction that shatters the skies.





AC5: The Unsung War~ You and your squad must become ghosts in order to haunt the warmongers of the world; of course to save it from itself and be never sung only re-accounted in the news…

Acecombat Zero




AC Zero: The Belkan War~ You must save this fictional World War 2 like era only so that someone can re-account it later  and deny that you’re a ghost or propaganda… that you existed and are a hero.






AC: Assault Horizon~ Unrealistic strong UN forces face off against rebels that eventually take over a portion of Russia and part of it’s military thanks to an equally strong Russian criminal organization. ~Most realistic?~






Wages of War: The Business of Battle~ Expendable  mercenaries hire themselves out to the highest bidder for numerous missions while stopping in between for pizza from Kola Pizza’s.





Steel Panthers~ 1980’s style Hexagonal table top World War 2 battling without the tabletop!






Tiger-Heli~ Pilot Copter, destroy anything that moves, and maybe some houses and oil drums too.






Iron Tank: The Invasion of Normandy~  Invade the Normandy beachhead and skip over to the forest of Normandy and take on mutant Nazi’s almost half the size of your tank.



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