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Hey ONS Gamers, Tirc (Bart) here.

Thaddias 3-8-14

I apologize for the length of time between posts. I’m here to give an update on what I’ve been doing in the World of Warcraft.

Despite having not played the game in quite some time we are still in the “end of an expansion” period where will not be seeing any more content until the next expansion is released. Based on the pre-orders it could be as long as 8 months until Warlords of Draenor is released but I do not think we will have to wait that long. My guess is that the game will be released in September or October. I don’t have any solid reasoning for that guess, it’s just a feeling. Part of me wants to find a raid team that is either starting with the Seige of Orgrimmar or is early in progression through it but the other part of me wants to just level alts to see how many I can get to or close to 90.

When I jumped back into WoW I was doing quite a bit of LFR with my pally, Thaddias, in order to get him geared up. The gap in time since I played made me not so eager to heal in raids right of the bat so I went DPS on my Ret spec. I was running around on the Timeless Isle as well as ToT and SoO LFR’s to gear up. When the boss I was on did not have an upgrade for my Ret set I was trying to fill in gaps on my Holy set. I now have both sets around 510 ilvl. I found the success rate of SoO LFR to be not very high so I have been slacking on running LFR as of late on my pally.

I switched up my specs on my Druid Draggond to Restoration and Guardian. I had aspirations to try tanking with the Druid which I have never attempted before. I have only ever tanked on my Pally and Death Knight. After all the time it took to adjust gear through re-forging, re-gemming and re-enchanting I was a lot less enthusiastic about trying to tank, so I have given up on that aspiration for now. But he is ready to go whenever I decide to try again. I did run a couple of the lower tier LFR’s with as Resto though. It had been since Cataclysm that I healed a raid with my Druid, but it was a lot of fun. Patch 5.4 was a big boost to Druid healing. Attaching Efflorescence to the mushroom as well as being able to place the mushroom wherever you want via a glyph was a huge boost to that spell. The mushroom does not go away until you explode it or move it so it acts like a permanent Healing Rain.

My newest 90 is my Rogue Saamon. I boosted Saamon from 25 to 90 when I purchased the Warlords pre-order. It is quite tough to go from lvl 25 to 90 and still have some idea of what you are doing. I know this is one of the major issues people have with the boost, all of the people entering dungeons or LFR who don’t know how to play the class. I checked the class guides on to get a decent idea as to what I was doing. I was able to pull middle of the pack DPS on my first LFR so I was quite happy with that. The rogue is really fun to play.

Aside from those three toons I have been running dungeons with my four lowest characters. I just dinged my Priest to lvl 80 which is exciting so I now have 8 of 11 classes to lvl 80 or higher. I am also running with my Monk, Warlock and Shaman. I basically run a couple dungeons and burn all of their rested xp up and once I get that done in a given week I either work on my lvl 90’s or I quest with my lvl 87 Mage. I tend to do this the most towards the end of an expansion. I was able to get 5 toons to lvl cap in Cata so my goal is to do better than that in Mists.

That will do it for this update. Thank you for reading and as always, leave suggestions for writing topics or just spark up a discussion via the comments below or via e-mail.


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