April 1st Gaming Fools





Okay, I can’t keep this ruse on, you’ve been shammed, bamboozled, tricked even, some of you may have been caught hook, line and sinker; but many of you knew this was coming I mean it is April Fools! A celebrated day here in America full of joking and jest. Ironically enough the comedic jester character exists in several games but isn’t always a fool.


One such not apparent fool is Dhoulmagus a Dark Jester in the World of Dragon Quest VIII. Ridiculed and put down in his quest to become a magician he would steal a magical scepter and use it for revenge. He would go around killing or cursing those who insulted him. However the Scepter is home to a Dark Lord and it is this Dark Lord that grants Dhoulmagus this amazing power, fueled by the jesters need for revenge and the needs of the Dark Lord to be released from his binding.

By the end of the game every player realizes that Dhoulmagus while evil and dark on the front is still a fool, it is the folly of anyone that seeks fast power for whatever purpose they hold and their downfall is always apparent because they are always a middle man, a jester. They are always a means to an ends that some stronger power uses for their own purposes allowing them to think that they are in control.
As you play you realize that Dhoulmagus probably got in a little over his head and that he is no longer in control of himself and much more likely has to watch as the events unfold.

Another famous jester would be that of Chuckles the jester from the Ultima Series of games. Unlike Dhoulmagus, Chuckles is an apparent fool. He is a Court Jester and one wonders how he ever got this position and why he is allowed to continue on as one as his jokes are lame or annoying.
Unfortunately, Chuckles has been required for plot advancements in the series so you can’t always kill him, unless the plot advancements have occurred or you’re not going to save your file afterwards. On top of his lame jests he also makes you play a game, a word game dealing with single syllables in order to advance the plot in Ultima VII: The Black Gate.

Thank you, ONS Gaming at your service

Thank you, ONS Gaming at your service

We all hope you had a great April first!


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