What The… Gaming!? – Medieval Priests





I have been playing the ‘Total War’  series of games for a long time since the first (Shogun: Total War) came out in 2000. I have played most of the main games and some of the expansions for those games, I have sank many, many hours trying to conquer the World or Japan, or Rome, or Americas. So when I say I haven’t seen this, I haven’t seen this….  through all the many hours of playing. This specific WT…G happens to occur in Medieval II : Total War.


(pointer touching;) Secretly Female Her devotion to God is strong enough to risk severe punishment for posing as a man. +1 piety, -1 Eligibility, +1 Purity, -1 Violence

This threw me off, to what I was doing I had to make a double take and go; “I didn’t just see that…” however I did see that, I didn’t know that Joan of Arc was in this game but apparently she and her legacy are. As a history buff, and major this excited me, I knew that the game tried to involve a sense of realism in that not everyone has good characteristics. In fact many times you’re stuck with some traits that are horrendous and that you dont want in an officer, or family member and so sometimes you must do devious things to remove them… But I digress.

The Secretly Female Trait for Priests in Medieval II: Total War, happens to be my favorite trait I have seen out of any of the the Total War games.

If any of you have played the series, whats you’re favorite trait to have on a character?

This isn’t my official post; that post will come  in a few days from now :D, thanks for reading everyone!!

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