State of Gaming: Virtual Reality Headsets/Helmets




                 Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets/Helmets

                First things first… I just want to apologize for being late on this week’s post I unfortunately had unforeseen health issues. But that aside let’s talk about the “future of gaming”. Most gamers ever has at some point day dreamed about the day they could physically take the place of their favorite video game hero. Well thanks to recent innovations such as the Oculus Rift and Sony’s “Project Morpheus” we are one step closer. While still far away from the days of .Hack these devices are still amazing pieces of technology.

Sony announced Project Morpheus, a virtual reality system for the PlayStation 4, at the Game Developers Conference.

                Sony’s Project Morpheus will take advantage of the PlayStation 4’s camera and it will pick up the led lights on the helmet similar to how it does with the light on the top of the dual shock 4 this is also basically how the Wii motes work but in reverse. The Oculus Rift will use similar technology, however currently Project Morpheus will be able to detect when you have your back turned to the camera where as the current prototype of the Oculus Rift cannot. Now I’m not saying Project Morpheus is better because it has one major issue that the Oculus Rift doesn’t and that’s field of view. With the current prototype of Project Morpheus the field of view is a little slimmer making the edges visible where as the field of view on the Oculus Rift is much larger making the edges not visible. In my opinion that’s major for the “immersion effect” which is what virtual reality is all about. Now obviously both of these helmets are still in there prototype stages so these issues could be fixed.

                Currently a few of the bigger game developers have announced that they want to see a lucrative market in the VR game before they devote any “real” resources into it. Namely Ubisoft was noted as saying they want 1 million VR headsets sold before they would consider focusing any man power towards the development of a VR game.

                Personally I think it’s amazing that we’re taking the first step into the world of virtual reality, and honestly I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these so I can see how it turns out. Given that these are 1.5 gen or what could better be consider as the true first gen VR headsets I’m sure they’re going to be pretty rough around the edges but you never know they could surprise us. Now personally what I’d really like to see is an augmented reality helmet where I could go out into the woods or my neighborhood, or maybe a building that’s safer and play a full immersion shooter games but one step at a time I guess.

                Now the big questions, first how will Nintendo and Microsoft react now that one of their biggest competitors has joined the race towards VR dominance? Another important question are these VR helmets going to be a revolution in gaming or just a toy/ gimmick that will fade in time? A last and maybe the most important Project Morpheus or Oculus Rift? These are all questions that can only be answered in time but know we here at ONS Gaming will be here to answer these questions as the answers come to light.


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