My Two Rupees: W.o.W heading towards pay to win?


W.o.W heading towards pay to win?



                Hey everybody JP back with yet another my two rupees. Now before I go any further in this post I must warn my readers that this is all speculation based on Blizzards past and nothing more than speculation.  this time I’m going to be talking about the sad news that (in my opinion) World of Warcraft is heading towards a pay to win system. So as any long standing W.o.W player knows a few years back blizzard released the “Celestial Steed” mount as the first item in the game that could be purchased with real money this in itself is harmless do to mounts being completely cosmetic and having no weight on the game itself. with the overwhelming success of the mount, Blizzard proceeded to release several pets such as “little K.T.” and “little Ragnaros” once again proving to be harmless because pets (were at the time) completely cosmetic. Now however Blizzard wants to implement a paid feature allowing an instant jump to level 90, and early word from blizzard is that this jump will cost $60. Their reason for this steep price is “they don’t want to devalue the work of leveling” but I say this is BS for several reasons.

                First and foremost you will have new players coming in who have never played the game in there life and have absolutely no concept of the game or even their rotation jumping straight to level 90 then get stuck with them in a random dungeon a week later when they reach the level cap. Secondly if this system takes off like we all know Blizzard is hoping it will; who’s to say they won’t follow the trend of their past by expanding to selling gold or even top end raid gear. And thirdly its really unfair to those of us who have played the game for years throwing away months of our life to get our characters to level cap when new players get to skip the constant grind of leveling simply by paying their way out.

                In my opinion the only way to make this fair is to make it similar to how the death knights where. In order to jump to level 90 you should have to have an existing level 90 that way you’re already familiar with the game and you had to do the same amount of work as those of us who have played the game for years. As for the $60 fee, simply by offering this feature you’re devaluing the work of leveling regardless of how much you charge for the level jump especially considering this service takes nothing more than a few clicks by Blizzard. face it Blizzard, it has nothing to do with the “value of leveling” $60 is four months worth of subscription fees which is about how long it takes to reach level 90 if you’re even semi diligent about leveling so I’m sure that’s what it really comes down to is the fact Blizzard doesn’t want to lose four months of subscription fees by giving you this level jump.

                Now onto the scarier issue, the possibility of W.o.W eventually becoming pay to win. Just like I said in the beginning of the post when the celestial steed was a huge success blizzard decided they could make a quick buck by offering more mounts and pets in the same way. So what is stopping Blizzard from offering more things such as gold and gear as a paid service. The answer is nothing is really stopping them from doing it, especially if this level jump feature takes off. Now you might argue that they would lose too many subscriptions but at that point I’m not sure it would really matter cause if they’re charging players $150 dollars to get their hands on the highest tier raid or pvp gear I know lots of people that are so obsessed with W.o.W they would buy it regardless of how unfair it was. And who’s to say they even have to stop their they could go as far as completely making custom accounts with mounts gear and items of the players choice. Anyone who has ever had their account recovered from a hack should know firsthand the GMs are literal gods in W.o.W that can make anything they want happen. Now of course this is all completely speculation but anyone who knows or seen Blizzards past, would you really put it past them? Especially considering the overwhelming success of some of the newer pay to win multiplayer games…


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