My Two Rupees: Microsoft’s bundling of Titanfall will push Xbone to top… for now




We’re just a few months into the real competition for this generation of home consoles, but it seems like Sony’s PS4 has taken the pole position at the moment with a slight 2 million sales lead over the Xbox One. But that looks to change Tuesday. While I am certainly no oracle, I can tell you that Titanfall is going be the next ‘big thing’ (sorry, Brock Lesnar). Whether you like the genre or not, first person shooters are what a majority of gamers play, and Titanfall seems to be bringing everything including the kitchen sink to this slobberknocker. Set to be released Tuesday, the game let people beta test the game last month and the initial response was overwhelmingly positive. I myself am looking forward to the game, and plan on purchasing it via Origin, but with the console version being released on the Xbox One first, people who don’t have one will probably opt for one over the PS4. But why is this bundle a big deal? Doesn’t the PS4 have a Call of Duty bundle out right now?

Well, you are right on that. GameStop is offering one. However, here lies the problem. Call of Duty Ghosts isn’t a PS4 exclusive. Much like the Gears of War and Halo series, both of which were Xbox exclusives, there is no alternate way to play them. And while a good portion of gamers are PC gamers, the people who aren’t oftimes only buy one system in a generation. So if you’re a big fan of FPSs, why are you going to get the PS4 bundle when you can get the Titanfall bundle and pick up CoD: Ghosts later on down the line? It’s safe to say that the only reason the original Xbox did so well was because of Halo and Halo 2. Sure, there were other good, if not great games on the system, but you mainly heard about Halo. The Xbox 360 was then modeled to be a FPS system, right down to that iconic controller. They nailed the design of it, and it’s the best standard controller for the genre.


It will have a lot more awards by the time it’s all said and done

With very little differences between the two systems, it’s going to take a big swing to hit that home run for the people who aren’t already on one side of the fence. And this is it. If I didn’t already have a PC that could run it I would most certainly be looking into the Xbox One bundle. But what makes Titanfall different from your typical FPS we’ve already played over and over again?

For one, it’s an arena FPS. It harkens back to the genre’s roots with Quake and Doom, and adds a twist by having you control a mech. We’ve seen enough military based games. We know what we’re getting. But this puts everything into a new perspective. Sure, Halo had vehicles you could use, but nothing like this. Full fledged robots you can pilot? Who knew something so simple could get millions of people hyped this much? If there is a knock on Titanfall, it’s the lack of a single-player mode. But that’s not going to bother most people. If the finished product is anything like the beta, Microsoft is going to jump out in front of the PlayStation 4. But I guess the real question is, if it does, how does Sony respond? But that’s a topic for another day.



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