My two Ruppies: Why I feel online multiplayer is ruining the game industry



My two Ruppies: Why I feel online multiplayer is ruining the game industry

Anyone who has read any of my previous posts knows I’m not afraid to speak my mind on controversial topics with that said you’ve been justly warned about my statements. Let me start by saying that I used to love multiplayer and spent countless hours playing games such as modern warfare 1 and resistance fall of man online but that was back when online multiplayer was “fresh” and it wasn’t and “industry Requirement” to have multiplayer.

                first off I’m going to start with the thing most people overlook completely the disappearance of split screen multiplayer. Of the over 60 titles I own for ps3 only a small handful of them actually still have split screen which is very sad considering a large portion of my collection is racing games that do in fact have online multiplayer but no local multiplayer.

                Second it now seems as though it’s an industry requirement for a game to have online multiplayer this became apparent more than ever when Santa Monica decided to put multiplayer in god of war ascension (which turned out to be absolutely terrible but more on that later) but I got so sick of hearing about it because pre-launch all anyone would talk about when it came to that game was its multiplayer and because they put multiplayer in the game and did a terrible job at it, not only did they get laughed at for their sorry excuse for god of war multiplayer but the single player severely suffered because of the attention that had to be taken away from it to design the multiplayer. Also why is it not only okay but completely raved when a game like titan fall is completely multiplayer with no single player but if call of duty decided to return to its origins and cut multiplayer there would be a complete uproar? I’ve even heard several people picking on the Wii/Wii u because of its lack of serious multiplayer games but the Wii/ Wii u isn’t designed with that in mind. It’s a family/party system meant for local multiplayer which is why games like Mario Kart, super smash bros, and Mario Party are among the most popular games on the system.

                Thirdly; how games themselves are suffering: games such as Titan Fall, Orion: Dino Horde, Natural Selection 2, Primal Carnage, even future games like Drive Club for the PS4 have so much potential to be amazing games but one of the biggest problems especially with games like Titan Fall they spawn me on blue team then they spawn johnny q red but don’t tell me why I’m supposed hate red guy I mean if friendly fire is turned on then there’s a chance that the game wants me to be a double agent but I’ll never know because there’s no in depth story line. (off topic the makers of Titan Fall state that there’s going to be a balance making it so you won’t always want to be in a mech and the only way I see that happening is if the mech is either clunky and unresponsive or just way too easily killed because I highly doubt I will ever be like “I sure am glad I’m not in a giant killer robot right now” but seriously Titan Fall get over yourself you’re nothing more than battlefield with mechs.)

                Another issue that I see arising is once the servers are gone say bye-bye to the game. I remember back when Battlefield 2142 came out I spent 40 dollars for it on launch and I had some good times with it but now try and play the game, good luck finding a server. If I’m feeling nostalgic I can go pick up my n64 controller and play a good old Zelda game because that good old fashion single player will always be there for me. Yeah most multiplayer games have their servers up for several years but I don’t know if you’ve seen the list of games that Sony will discontinue the server use for this year but it includes some games like resistance 3 which has only been out just over 2 years. So years down the road when they finally decide to shut down Titan Falls servers anyone who bought it at launch are going to be out 60 bucks but I guess you’ll still have a pretty cool Frisbee….


                Finally the middle ground; there is always a middle ground and I don’t just mean like Call of Duty where single and multiplayer are totally separate but I mean games like Destiny or Borderlands where most if not all of the game can be played single player but you have the option to play with or against other players. Even Need for Speed incorporated this in their newest title Need for Speed Rivals where you can free roam with other people on your friends list while still playing your single player events but your friends can jump in anytime and either race against you or even chase you as a cop…

                All in all I don’t think online multiplayer is an absolutely terrible idea but I think its heading in an ugly direction unless more game companies and players realize the true importance of single player… But what do I know? These are just my two rupees.

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