Noel & Merriment 2013 – JP




1)     Q- What is your first video game related gift in the winter holiday season that you can remember?

JP- My favorite video game related Christmas gift is a tossup between the original Nintendo DS and the collector’s edition of the Star Wars MMO “The Old Republic” both of which were impossible to find yet my parents were able to track them down sadly because of their extreme popularity neither one of them arrived on time to be under the Christmas tree and after about a month of waiting for my DS we found one of our local gamestops had one in stock so we went and picked it up then canceled our order.


2)      Q-What is your favorite video game related gift ever and why? & what would be your contending video game gift would you ever get it and why?

 JP- My absolute favorite game related gift of all time was when my dad randomly brought me home a Nintendo 64 that was the destined event that got me into video games I had previously owned a Super Nintendo that I played from time to time. But being young and not that in to video games I didn’t even really know what the N64 was until the fateful day my dad randomly brought one home for me cause I probably wouldn’t be an ONS member or even a hardcore gamer if it wasn’t for that day. As for the second part of the question there really is no contending gift for several reasons first off being my knowledge of all the releases so nothing game related will ever surprise me like that and two cause it was such a complete shot in the dark that I’m sure completely altered the direction my life went.

Another N64 moment...

Another N64 moment…


3)      Q-Do you like Holidays such as Christmas in video games?

 JP – I absolutely love holiday events in video games. I think that with the patching abilities of the current and next gen systems that there is no reason that games which aren’t mmo’s couldn’t have holiday events in them. It adds a sense of realism to the game as well as adds additional time sensitive content. I don’t even mind it if it is a made up holiday inside the game it still adds a new dimension to the game that a lot of games seem to miss out on.

4)     Q- Have you ever played a game that was mildly based around Christmas? If no have you played a game with the holiday event in it such as Kingdom Hearts 2/ World of Warcraft?

JP- I’ve played several games that have holiday events such as World of Warcraft, Runescape, and even Killing Floor. And I got to say I always found myself logging more hours in those games during events because I love trying to get the entire event and all the achievements done. I also like when the event is different every year, something that Runescape has been doing for a long time now. I really like that because you can pull out your snow globe and people will be like “oh damn, you been playing so long you have the reward from the Christmas 2008 event”. I could be mistaken on this because i no longer play WOW but I was told that they now do the same thing. And as for Killing Floor… What could be more fun than a zombie… maybe a zombie snow man?

Honestly if you’re a shooter genre fan you need to try Killing Floor especially during the “twisted Christmas” event.

Killing Floor

Killing Floor

6)     q?- SHhhhhhhhhh it’s a secret to everybody….

JP -Haha…. Zelda reference


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