State of Gaming: Enabling Netplay on Emulators




Sorry for the long gap between my posts, as I know my one or two dedicated readers probably missed me. Today is going to be a short, but very useful post on how to set up Netplay on zSNES. This will work with any emulator, but zSNES is one of the better known ones. Netplay is, like it sounds, a way to play a game with a friend who isn’t directly sitting next to you. It’s pretty useful, especially for people like us who run this site but lead busy lives. One note I must make clear: We here at THE ONSGaming do not condone piracy in any way, shape or form. So please note, any games you play must be a back-up of your own copy of the game.

Alright, with that disclaimer out of the way, we can get started. Okay, so what you’re going to want to is download zSNES. After setting up your resolution and controls (useful if you have a gamepad), you can start the process. When your partner has theirs downloaded, you’re going to decide who is going to be the host. Normally it’s the person with the faster internet. Now, go to, and get the ip address, and share it with whoever isn’t hosting. Start netplay from the menu, and have your partner click “Join netplay” and use the ip address that was given. If it connects, great. But more than likely, it didn’t.

Why is this? Because both people probably need to open a port on their router. Luckily, this process takes two minutes tops. First, you need to set up a static ip address. You can do this here: . Once that’s done, find your router on this list: . Follow the instructions (it’s usually logging in with the username admin and the password, password, but don’t hold me to that), to open up port 7845. Make sure you select both TCP and UDP, as zSNES uses both of these. When all that’s done, exit your router page and restart zSNES (if you haven’t already) and re-try the netplay option. If that doesn’t work, uncheck “use UDP instead of TCP” and try. It should work. From here, the ‘host’ can select the game that they want to play, and the second player will be player 2. One thing to note is that you and your partner both must have the rom, unzipped, and named the same. So if you’re playing Super Mario Kart, you both must have it named “Super Mario Kart” or “SM Kart” or something similar for the emulator to pick up the game and play it properly. With that said, the only thing holding you back is not having someone to play with. Have fun and enjoy!

Note: This same process can be used for other emulators, not just the SNES. Just look up what ports need to be opened for the emulator and it should work. All else fails? There’s Google.

Editor’s Note: It has recently come to my attention that Nintendo would rather people not use emulators. Why this is a problem I don’t know considering they make no money when I buy a second hand Super Nintendo game from the flea market, but apparently we’ve reached moral event horizon here. I haven’t seen any other company so prominently display their disdain for them (to even have a whole section for it on their site) but alas, B.T. instructed me to add this note in.


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