Fall Harvest 2013: Chronicles of ONS Gaming – Harvest Moon



What’s your favorite Harvest Moon game and why?




Harvest Moon Back to Nature

: It took what made Harvest Moon 64 great and improved upon it. The game actually had a semblance of a plot to it, you weren’t just given a farm and told to take care of it. You had three years to restore it to it original state (although they let you stay if you get along with the villagers), so I guess it didn’t matter too much. It was a good game all around, although the days went by extremely fast.




Harvest Moon DS

: is my favorite game of the series. I played a few games in the series prior to this one, but haven’t played another since. I enjoyed the openness of this game as you could plant crops in other areas of the town and not just on your farm. The Harvest Goddess gets banished to another world by the Witch Princess along with the Harvest Sprites and you must perform certain tasks to get them all back. This can be frustrating at times as some of the tasks are pretty difficult but it leads to a considerable amount of gameplay. One factor that played into my really loving this game was the fact that it was on the DS. I think the portability of the game and being able to play it where ever I wanted to was a large reason that I sunk 80+ hours into it. It had the Harvest Moon staple of courting a prospective bride and if you played your cards right you would eventually marry her and have a family. The upgrades to the farm are always a fun goal to reach and are one of the driving forces to succeed in the game. I also spent a ton of time in the mine and trying to upgrade all of my tools with better ore.

[I haven’t played the game in quite some time due to a known issue with the game at the time. I remember reading about people having an issue with their save file randomly deleting with no reason or known cause. The same fate eventually caught up to me and I haven’t been able to touch the game since. I think that I will boot up my DS soon and give it another go, enough time has passed and I think that wound has healed.]




Harvest Moon Save the Homeland

: Out of all the Harvest Moons I’ve played this one just became my favorite maybe it was the hundred plus hours playing it and starting again over and over coming up with name schemes or some other whacky rule or guide or maybe it was that the controls were easy to learn as to why it’s my fave. It was simple but still had more than a few things going for it, you can have cows, chickens, a horse as well as a dog, and even though there was only four  crops as well it still gave you a sense of everyday farming. Because of the limited number of animals and crops you had more of the yearning to explore and there were plenty of items to find, eat/sell or give away for actually attempting the wining storylines. When in later games (while enjoyment could be found) the numerous animals or plants/items added it just detracted from the game trying to do too much at once. But, honestly it was probably the many hours spent playing this game more than any other one that lends itself to being my favorite.

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  1. Note to Bart: That save issue was with the original print copies of the game. It also prevented you from marrying the the Harvest Goddess or the Witch Princess. You can actually look at the print number and find out if it’s there or not. ABCEN0J22 is version 1.0 with all of the glitches.

    /useless fact of the day

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