Game Perceptions: Call of Duty Ghosts PT1

Game Perceptions: Call of Duty Ghosts





First off I want to say I’m tired of people going on sites and voting down or writing bad reviews about games and saying things like “Call of Duty Sucks” if you don’t play the game don’t rate or review it whether its a Call of Duty or otherwise… Second I’m getting tired of people judging the game solely on the multiplayer and for that reason I’m not even going to talk about the games multiplayer. I know the multiplayer is a huge thing for most players but the fact of the matter is the multiplayer wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for the single player campaign because most if not all of the maps are just adaptations of single player locations and second the single player is the “actual” game and where most of the development takes place. With that off my chest I’m now going to move on to the review.

Perception 1: Graphics

Let me start by saying that I’m playing this game on PlayStation 4 so this part may not necessarily apply to the other systems, with that being said this game is absolutely stunning I have only seen a few games ever that can even come close to competing with the graphics of this game (only Crysis 3 (for pc) and Killzone Shadow Fall beat it graphically) and if we’re starting out the generation like this I can’t wait to see what the next few years hold for us as we continue to tap into the PlayStation 4’s true potential. The setting for the game (a mostly destroyed futuristic America) is very well put together and really gives you a since of despair in the world as the one world super power “the federation” is trying to take over. When in the jungle foliage pops to life like never before and burning buildings look like there truly engulfed in flames and pouring some of the most textured smoke I have ever seen. All in all this game is a graphical marvel. As one would expect of new gen games.

Perception 2: Game play

Unfortunate to say the game play wasn’t really upgraded to integrate the features of the dual shock 4 controller however I felt as though that  it is so just because of the fact that this is a cross generation launch and I’m sure we’ll see more of the controller features used in future Call of Duty titles especially once they become generation exclusive. That’s not to say however that the controls are bad at all considering that I; being a fan of Call of Duty for some time or any shooter game really I was able to quickly jump right in and know all the controls allowing me to get right to it.

One thing that I very much liked about this game was the dog because by pressing L1 your dog will run in and attack the targeted enemy. I feel as though this new mechanic is going to be semi-standard with this generation of shooters with the “owl” in Killzone Shadow Fall and the Rainbow Six-esk squad control mechanism of Battlefield 4. I can also tell the enemy AI was slightly upgraded as well and will probably get even more intense in future titles as we head further into the generation.

Perception 3: Story (Spoilers)

I’m not going to lie I personally feel like this is the best Call of Duty story ever with a realistically possible future not to mention the back story of the “ghosts” if you’re iffy about getting this game go look up the first part of the game and just listen to the back story for the ghosts and you’ll be sold. the setting is absolutely amazing the whole “reminisce of America Vs the world” thing send chills down my spine just thinking about it. This game has so much potential for a sequel (especially knowing Infinity Ward) but there’s so much going on the sequel wouldn’t even necessarily have to be about the ghosts it could be a side story elsewhere in the war. either way they decide to go with the story though they truly have a winner here and Treyarch has some serious shoes to fill.

Perception 4: Overall

Over all this game is absolutely amazing  and totally worth a try even if you’re not a Call of Duty fan because this game is a whole new beast. I would very highly recommended this game to any shooter fan. I’m going to say this one last thing that will probably get a lot of lip from Battlefield fan boys but I really don’t think that Battlefield 4 stacked up against Call of Duty Ghosts so if you’re like me and just an all around shooter fan and can’t decide which one to get first I suggest Call of Duty Ghosts. But once again that is all based off the single player because I know the multiplayer modes of these games are totally different play styles and I’m also tired of people only judging or comparing these games based on there multiplayer…
Part 2 coming soon!

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