State of Gaming: Playstation 4 Launch!



State of Gaming: PlayStation 4 Launch!

                This post is going to be broken up into 2 parts the first part will be me writing about my excitement and expectations about  the PlayStation 4 before I get the console and the second part will be actual coverage of my feeling towards the system after I pick it up at the midnight launch.

                Let me start by saying that I’ve always been a hardcore PlayStation fan (I do however own and play all the other systems) and so far Sony has never let me down and I have high expectations going into this generation because Sony has talked up there game a lot so they have huge shoes to fill. At this point I have already picked up my four launch titles (Killzone Shadow Fall, Call of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4, and Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag.) so expect to see reviews on those games as I continue to cover the next generation.

                Now on to a VERY hot and VERY controversial topic… PS4 vs Xbox one. As I said earlier I am a hardcore PlayStation fan so from the get go so… the PS4 had an advantage (in my head) but honestly this generation really came down to the launch titles for me and I went with PS4 solely for Killzone but that’s not to say I won’t end up with an Xbox One later in the generation because I defiantly will. This generation both companies seem to have released very solid systems so if you hear someone saying how much more powerful one of them is then the other then that person is probably just a fan boy (or girl) because honestly its way to early to tell what the full capabilities of either system will be and most importantly at the end of the day i love all video games regardless of what system they’re launched on. so everyone that’s fighting over which system is better just needs to take a chill pill and just enjoy the next generation of video games.

                So I now have my PS4 and it is absolutely amazing and so far has completely lived up to and on some levels surpassed my expectations. Games like Killzone Shadow Fall are absolutely gorgeous and something that up until recently you would only expect to see on the highest end gaming computer. one of my favorite things about the PS4 is the dual shock 4 controller which just has a list of features I could go on and on about like the light changing color to indicate your health in certain games and the built in speaker so if you pick up some kind of audio log it will play it using that so the game volume won’t interfere (I’m sure those features have many more uses that’s just what they do in Killzone Shadow Fall) but my top two favorite things about it are the sturdiness and the upgraded triggers. The one thing i always hated about the dual shock 3 was how cheap it felt I was always afraid that one wrong move would have me shelling out 55 dollars for a new controller but that is now a problem of the past because the dual shock 4 has a very nice sturdy feeling to it similar to the Xbox 360 controller. And now let’s talk about the up graded triggers first off they’re actually curved out like real triggers and second there a little more resistant so they feel a lot more realistic when playing a shooter game. But that’s just a few of the MANY new features added to the controller alone

                  As for the system itself I was a little worried I wouldn’t be playing any of my games tonight with their required 40-50 gig install requirements but Sony very much followed through with their promise of only requiring a small install before the game would launch and i was playing my first game in under 2 minutes. Sadly i won’t be able to talk about any of the online features in this post because unfortunately at the time i writing this the PlayStation network is “down for maintenance”. but check back with us for future updates as we continue to be your guide into the next generation.

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